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Ozone layer closing

How the world fixed the ozone layer. The hole over the pole will be closed
by 2066.

Times 15th Jan 2023

 Human action to save the ozone layer has worked as hoped, and it may
recover in just decades, the UN says. An international agreement in 1987 to
stop using the harmful chemicals that were damaging the layer has been
successful, the major assessment says.

The ozone layer is a thin part of
the Earth’s atmosphere that absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation from
the Sun. When it is depleted, this radiation can reach the surface –
causing potential harm to humans and other living things. Ultraviolet rays
can damage DNA and cause sunburn, increasing the long-term risk of problems
such as skin cancer.

The ozone layer began depleting in the 1970s.
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which were commonly found in spray cans,
fridges, foam insulation and air conditioners, were blamed for eating away
at the ozone layer.

 BBC 9th Jan 2023

 Guardian 9th Jan 2023

 Independent 9th Jan 2023


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