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NO – Sir Keir Starmer – nuclear power is NOT clean.

A great opportunity being wasted!

The British Labour Party has the chance to get into power, following the disastrous Boris Johnson Tory leadership.

Top of Johnson’s follies was the plan for a fleet of nuclear reactors, large and small.

The incompetent Tories will inevitably go. Their hopeless dirty and super-costly nuclear plans should go with them.

But Keir Starmer now squanders this chance with his hypocritical pretence that nuclear power is clean.

Current reports that the Labour Opposition leader highlighted that, in power, Labour would bring a “different approach” to energy -it “would target 100% clean power generation by 2030”.  The
Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) jumped up and down with delight, not realising that they’re being taken for a ride by the nuclear lobby

All very good – wind, solar, hydrogen, green steel and carbon capture – it does sound clean.

But, sneaked in amongst all this positive, forward -looking stuff, is that dirty old dinosaur – nuclear power.

The inclusion of nuclear power in the compendium of clean energy technologies will mean that funds and resources are siphoned away from real solutions to climate change.

It will quietly send resources , talented workers, and money to the nuclear weapons industries.

Shame on Labour – for inventing Great British Energy – “It’s galvanised by reform: a new publicly owned company” – but very quickly subverted to push for the nuclear lobby.


January 9, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes, politics, UK


  1. Japan and musk headed in same direction

    Comment by Sara kiel | January 12, 2023 | Reply

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