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Corporate media focusses on ‘new’ nuclear solutions. Are they stupid? Or is it just what they’re paid to write?

The truth is that there are so many faster, simpler, and cheaper new ways to provide energy, conserve energy, and produce genuinely clean energy .

Some examples –  commercially-viable perovskite solar cells,  printable solar cells, production-ready solar-powered car

There are projects like car parking spaces covered with solar panels. The possibility of cooling buildings by mirrors on rooftops is being explored.

The many clean new ways, and old ways, to manage energy don’t get the political and media support that they deserve.

Yet the corporate journalists must know that SMRs are: very Slow, very Costly, very Dirty (produce long-lived wastes, very Dangerous (target for terrorism)

Yesterday I deplored the corporate media’s enthusiastic focus on Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) Today they’re at it again. In the UK, “NuCell” SMRs will  be worth “some tens of millions of pounds” to the local economy, and will make Britain “a global leader” – BBC. In the USA they’re a “bold new direction“, and will be “powering everything from homes to factories to transportation – American Opinion editorial .

Last week, it was nuclear-fusion-enthusiasm, but that’s fading away now – it was a useful little distraction from the reality of the sagging nuclear power industry.

However – perhaps I write too soon.

For one thing – NuScam and Rolls Royce – the leading pushers of SMRs have been rather quiet lately. Their propaganda now concentrates on their political gymnastics to get tax-payers’ money out of governments, build dodgy mergers between companies, and adopt systems like SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) – designed to save their skins when it all goes bust.

For another thing – some corporate journalists now dip their toe into the negative side of the SMR story.

Larry Pearl, senior editor for Utility Dive points out the big questions about cost and safety of SMRs. In Canada’s National Observer Cloe Logan concludes her long article with the big question “Are SMRs viable? “Although the plans for these next-generation nuclear units might hypothetically work, their viability hasn’t been proven anywhere.”  Robert Cyran in Reuters is sceptical of any nuclear revival –  “a surging supply of green power is likely to limit any renaissance”.

Of course, all good patriotic corporate journalists stay away from the military connection – the underlying reason for the push for small nuclear reactors


January 4, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. The real Heat in The Ukraine, The radionuclides

    Ukraine has been overburdened with radionuclides, since the chernobyl event. Many people in the Ukraine use herbal pharmacy. Women are told, not to use herbs from Ukraine, while pregnant because of radionuclide contamination and teratogenicity concerns. 

    There is radiation coming from Ukraine There is Zaporozhia, that has expelled fallout coming from reactor coolant pipes that have cracked, from being shelled. I don’t care what the media says there is fallout from this insane war, from reactors, waste dumps, cooling ponds, old Hotspots, buried old reactors and nuclear waste. There have been disrupted reactor fueling and reactor waste, truck lines. Those are  vehices, hauling highly radioactive materials, in and around reactors and outside reactor areas. Radionuclides hauled to medical isotope factories disrupted.

    There have been reports of large radionuclide leaks, from nuclear waste casks in Ukraine for years. There was an incident after fukushima, where a large hi level, nuclear waste storage site and joint munitions storage facility, had an explosion in Ukraine, in 2013.  A similar radionuclide fire from a large cask built by Holtec,  occured in 2017 in Central Ukraine.

    The forests in the Chernobyl exclusion zone and beyond, have had perennial and biannual fires since the Chernobyl catastrophe. The wildfires have spread tremendous amounts of radionuclide fallout, across the width and breadth of radioactive hellhole Ukraine, for years. 

    There was the original unsafe and clumsy takedown of chernobyl,  by the Russians. Several metric kilos of radioactive dust and waste went into the air and surrounding area, at that time.

    There is the ongoing release of radionuclides at Chernobyl and from the Chernobyl exclusion zone.. One can go many places along the Baltic sea and find super dangerous levels of cesium 137, from chernobyl today. Busby did it,  a few years ago, with a Gamma spectrometer. Most of Europe was poisoned by Chernobyl. Especially Germany and Belarus. Reindeer and lichen in northern Scandinavia, continue to be contaminated by cesium 137, several years later.

    At least a quarter of the people in the Ukraine, have radionuclide induced birth defects and disease.

    I don’t care what the media says, there have been and are, many radionucleide releases going on in Ukraine, from this insane war. From inappropriate shutdowns. Radionuclide releases, from leaks in reactor pipes, from shelling .
    There has-been  years of disregard for structural integrity and pipes, in the rotting old Russian reactors in the Ukraine, )administered corrupt regimes. The corrupt Ukrainian government, has been actually taking in, and stockpiling, hilevel radioactive waste from other country’s. Like when there is no hope, there is nothing to worry about.

    Many have alreay fled Ukraine, and many more will. When there is a noticeable radionuclide dispersing catastrophe, like from several acres of casks of hilevel radionuclides exploding and or catching fire, and or a nuclear accident in a reactor, that causes an explosion. Many ukrainians will be jumping out of the Ukraine,  like fleas OFF OF cold roadkill, or hot roadkill, in this case.

    One cannot imagine a more insane and stupid war than this, except the openly nuclear war, it is leading too. Europeans know about Chernobyl. They know about the initial and ongoing, spewing of radionuclides from Ukraine. They have access to the internet to see the history and hidden stories. How can they allow this madness to continue

    Comment by Meryl Bella | January 5, 2023 | Reply

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