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They’re at it again! The nuclear industry dazzles journalists with its newest hogwash – “inflection point”.

Ever inventive, the nuclear lobby has come up with this lovely new term – “inflection point” – a term pinched from geometry, and designed to dazzle journalists further into their mindless state of subservience to technical experts.

It’s quite a revealing choice of words, a 21st Century advance on their old mantra “nuclear renaissance”. That term had a comforting suggestion of biology, history, art.

The new term moves away from all that “soft” educational rubbish, and into the world of maths and technology – which are now supposed to be the only studies that matter.

The curious thing, though, is that the term used here implies that the nuclear industry is now at a very low point. It’s unpopular, people are reluctant to invest in it, perhaps now realising that small nuclear reactors have no use except for helping the development of nuclear weapons.

And, as the diagram shows, there’s a very good chance that if, in fact, this small nuclear reactor industry really does get going, before long there will be a new “inflection point”, where the industry collapses, just like the big nuclear industry is doing.

Today’s corporate media is awash with nuclear propaganda where the journalists clearly didn’t need to do any thinking, except perhaps to add a few superlatives to the industry’s jargon handouts.


January 3, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes, media


  1. Musk wants more nuclear power, morenuclear rockets and nuclear engines and many more nuclear reactors. He feeds his9 kids fukushima applesauce,  remember?
    Must thinks the world is undepopulated. Elon musk says  there is room for unlimited growth.. That is with 8 billion people on earth and every other species going extinct. That is with catastrophic climate change and distress.
    Musk says the human birth rate has stopped.
    Musk is an uneducated bigot and racist. Musk does not even have a college degree he fraudulently bought one.
    A criminal conman, who’s self driving cars, have killed dozens. He wants to create the largest  and most expense 5g network in and around  earth for 100s of millions of internet users using  the shoddy sattelites it is putting up..500 of the  3200 satellites, he has put up, have cracked-up or, plunged to earth. 
    He is terminally poisoning the atmosphere to death. Unrivaled avarice and destruction.
    Musk businesses  are failing. They were hyped up garbage from the beginning, Tesla Haslett 70 percent of its value. It may go to zero. He has lost 340 billion much of tha given to him buy uncle subsidies and pentagon money, while millions are homelessin teeth up and children starve. Twitter is failing. It put 5000 twitter employees, into the streets immediately and defaulted the107 thousand rent there. It as not evicted, like many of his fired employees wil be. 
    Musk had The 7 billion dollar, stupid Boring project fail. 
    Musk Is malevolent, criminal pathological liar, and abuser. .
    The 20,000 or so satellitee it says it plans to put up,, will irradiate everything on earth to death, with dense microwave radiation. They will block astronomers view of the cosmos.  They will create millions of pieces of debri in  alreay  overcrouwded, orbits, around the earth. The detritus, stages and cracked=up satellites, that don’t all go back to earth, will probably cause one of nasas or china’s nuclear reactor launches to  fail, and irradiate the earth further.
    Musk claims, it is getting money from the pentagon for its extremely overpriced satellite internet network. Money from thepentagon to use  starlink as a starshield for killer nukes in space, killer satellites, and to allow the nsa to spy on people more. 
    There are a few problems. Like the fact that the economy of the world andthe usa is tanking from the phoney and fraudulent stocks of charlatans and conmen and conwomen  like Musk. There probably won’t be very many people left anywhere, who can afford musks expensive starlink, and the government starshield we are all paying out the yinyang for.

    Comment by Amory | January 4, 2023 | Reply

  2. Will Schryver

    The Pax Americana has been the single most aggressive, ruthlessly violent, and relentlessly avaricious empire in human history.

    If it does not back down and seek peace, it will end in blood and ashes, and drag much of the west down with it.

    Comment by Kary Ore | January 4, 2023 | Reply

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