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TODAY. The media – dishonest – or just sloppy and incompetent ?- nuclear fusion coverage as a case in point.

A part of me thinks that it is some sort of giant conspiracy – the media being told by military-industrial-corporate-government-complex to never criticise the nuclear priesthood.

The more sensible part of me suggests that the journalists are probably overworked people who must get the news out FAST, and are relieved to get the helpful handouts from the nuclear priesthood.

After all, journalists are not qualified nuclear physicists, and we all know that only qualified nuclear physicists can have an opinion on matters nuclear, don’t we?

Well, either way, it comes out as sloppy and incompetent reporting – never better shown that the present chorus of media joy over a nuclear fusion experiment.

Fortunately, there are a few mainstream journalists out there who do bother to do their homework. Arianna Skibell of Politico wrote a piece headed “Here’s a reality check for nuclear fusion.” Henry Fountain in his New York Times online column queried the costs and the claims about action on climate. The Washington Post and The New Statesman deplored the hype..And I’m hoping that there will be more journalists today, who bother to find out the facts on the usefulness or non-usefulness of nuclear fusion development.


December 16, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's themes

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