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Amongst alternative energy sources, nuclear power’s prospects are not good.

Will The World See A U-turn In Nuclear Energy?, Oil Price By ZeroHedge – Nov 26, 2022

  • Nuclear’s share in total global power generation has dropped significantly since the 90s.
  • Continued resistance to new nuclear projects complicates a quick u-turn for many nuclear programs.
  • The number of nuclear programs in the world has plateaued for many decades.

The global energy crisis brought about by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increased interest in alternative energy sources, including nuclear, around the world.

However, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz explains below, the age of nuclear infrastructure, the fact that the technology had entered a phase-out mode in many nations, and the continued resistance to new nuclear projects complicates a quick u-turn for many nuclear programs.…………………………..

Despite the plateau in nuclear energy programs, the relative importance of the technology has still decreased as the capacity of other energy types outgrew nuclear. In 2021, the technology produced less than 10 percent of global electricity, down from a high of 17.4 percent in 1995 and 1996. Looking at all of the world’s energy needs, not just electricity, nuclear contributed just 4.3 percent.


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