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TODAY. Plummeting hopes for Small Nuclear Reactors – and that realisation is a blow to the nuclear weapons industry.

The new problem is – that they can no longer hide the escalating costs of “commercial” small nuclear reactors.

But small nuclear reactors have nothing to do with war – do they?

They sure do!

For one thing – they power the deadly submarines that have their nuclear missiles ready to target and incinerate whole cities, (dunno where those nuclear wastes go – ?into the ocean)

But more importantly – “small” nuclear reactors – (and by the way, they’re not small any more now) – are intended as a pretty cloak, or mask, over the nuclear weapons industry.

How so? Well, scientists, governments, and nuclear corporation bosses all know that

(a) small nuclear reactors are now, and always will be . irrelevant to global heating – especially as many thousands of them would be needed in a very short time if they were to have the supposed effect against climate change.

(b) absurdly expensive, smrs are not a credible investment – so, only governments will pay for them.

So – the beauty of small nuclear reactors is that they are a marvellous “con”. The goal is to “con” the public.

“Solving climate change” is the pretty cloak over SMRs that makes them appeal to the public.

“Solving energy problems” looks good, too.

Very importantly, young men and women can be attracted into this “peaceful” nuclear industry.

And it all looks so “modern” and :feminist-friendly” – attractive to “progressively” minded people.

Wake up, world – those are all lies.

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  1. Many people in the Ukraine, know they are wallowing in radioactive poisons. Yet it is as if they gave up, in some kind of mass psychosis, and yearn to be completely overwhelmed and destroyed by it out of greed, psychoses, and ignorance

    Comment by Solzney | November 27, 2022 | Reply

  2. I know radioactive pollution, contributes to destroying people’s health and weakening or ruining their immune system because I have seen it first-hand in areas with a lot of radioactive waste. A lot of such areas exist in nuclear countries. So many chronic health problems in nuclearized, industrial countries. And now there is long covid
    I know of 7 people that have long covid,  and I live an isolated life. I am not a Leftist or rightist or extremist.
    Some PEOPLE  have enough sense to listen to things, to  help them gain a more realistic view of the way things are because, it can help them to stay alive. Eve ottenberg is a smart lady and successful cosmopolitan writer
    Eve Ottenberg : observations of keawe wong
    Keawe Wong 凯王
    China will adhere to Dynamic Zero-COVID until: – The next generation of vaccines is available to everyone – Effective antiviral medication is available for Covid – Mutation of the virus has made it too weak to pose a threat to public health
    If not for the strict Zero-Covid rules, at least 80 million Chinese people would have contracted Long Covid. That could collapse China, and the global economy would have ground to a halt
    China is not suffering from Long Covid like the 40 million people in the West.
    My aunt is one of them. She lives in Vancouver, suffers from Long COVID, has chronic fatigue and can’t live a normal life anymore.

    Comment by Carla Santos | November 27, 2022 | Reply

    • to Carla Santos : Sorry to hear about your aunt. But – I want to congratulate you. So good to get a comment from someone who CAN THINK. These tragic matters – pandemic and nuclear pollution – they are above and beyond left/right politics.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | November 28, 2022 | Reply

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