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Radiation Free Lakeland slams the hypocrisy surrounding “Ethics Committee”s approval of seismic blasting that kills marine life, in the plan for undersea dumping of nuclear wastes

Ethics Committee of Copeland Borough Council Stand By Councillor Moore Over Seismic Complaint. 17th November 2022

On 25th October Copeland Borough Council’s Standards and Ethics Committee heard a complaint by Radiation Free Lakeland (a volunteer nuclear safety group) against Councillor David Moore regarding the seismic blasting. The seismic blasting using airguns towed from a vessel took place over 20 days for 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Irish Sea centred off Seascale this August. It was carried out in order to test the geology for a deep geological nuclear facility (G.D.F aka “nuclear dump”) for high level nuclear wastes.

The complaint against Councillor David Moore who represents Copeland Borough Council on the Mid and South Copeland GDF Community Partnerships was in two parts:

(1) Firstly, ‘Cllr David Moore’s statement on BBC North West in dismissing over 50,000 voices as an “odd, few.” On the BBC North West broadcast on the 1st August 2022 Councillor Moore representing Copeland Council for the GDF Partnerships of Mid and South Copeland referred to over 50,000 people opposing the seismic blasting as “We have had the few odd people and they are in the minority of people that have expressed some concern. We’ve had the odd few people come in that were concerned and once we’d explained the process that’s taking place, they’re comfortable with it”.

(2) Secondly, Cllr David Moore’s failure to declare interests at the Executive meeting of the 12th July (at which the petition against seismic blasting was discussed)

…………………………………………... Pecuniary Interests

*Employment of Spouse by NDA

*Chair of NuLeaf, the Nuclear Legacy Advisory Forum, at its last Annual General Meeting on 9 March 2022. Cllr Moore recieves £5000 per annum. NuLeaf is funded largely by the NDA/NWS with a small contribution from member authorities

*Chair of West Cumbria Site Stakeholder Group since 2005 recieving £6,300 per annum, funded by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority who also wholly fund Nuclear Waste Services. The Chair’s renumeration is detailed on the WCSSG website under Cost Reimbursement BUT the Ethics and Standards Committe have falsely stated in their decision to Radiation Free Lakeland exonerating Councillor Moore that there is no pecuniary interest from the WCSSG/NDA to Cllr Moore.

Councillor Moore also states that the WCSSG is concerned solely with low level radioactive waste – this again is false “The WCSSG is an independent body whose role is to provide public scrutiny of the nuclear industry in West Cumbria.”

*Representing Copeland Borough Council on the Mid and South Copeland GDF Community Partnerships. funded by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority/Nuclear Waste Services.

Radiation Free Lakeland say they are appalled at the decision by Copeland’s Ethics and Standards Committee to completely whitewash nuclear power and influence over Copeland Borough Council.

Airbrushing away the undeclared pecuniary interests from Councillor Moore’s Chairing roles on outside bodies paid for by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority/Nuclear Waste Services is blatantly undermining faith in the democratic process. Alongside these vested interests Councillor Moore also holds the Nuclear Portfolio for Copeland and is effectively taking decisions for the full council on the Executive.

The nuclear safety group go on to say that it is clear Copeland Borough Council (without the consent of the actual full council who have had no vote on this) are more than happy to be used as a fig leaf to cover the embarrassment of what will be over the coming years a growing assault on the Irish Sea from GDF preparations.

Seismic blasting was merely the first salvo.

In the last few days of the seismic blasting in August 2022 dead harbour porpoise and seals were seen and photographed on the beach at Drigg and reported by locals to Cetacean Strandings UK. Displaced harbour porpoises were seen in Whitehaven harbour, unusually near paddle boarders and hundreds of dead jellyfish were washed up at Silloth.

Copeland Borough Council have told Radiation Free Lakeland that: “There is no right of appeal against the decision of the Standards and Ethics Committee”


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