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TODAY. “Strategic Ambiguity” – the pernicious policies that will help to bring about World War 3.

Today, I am taken with the significance, and danger, of that word “Ambiguity“. It is the means by which we are kept in the dark, by which our governments can start a war, a nuclear war, at any time, without the bother of consulting parliament or people. Why are we letting ourselves put up with this farcical state of affairs – put across by the American government, and repeated by the Australian, (and no doubt other governments)?

There’s the ambiguity about Taiwan .  Governments of both USA and Australia recognise Taiwan as part of China, legally a province of China. Yet apparently we’re happy to go to war against China on behalf of Taiwan.

There’s ambiguity about  being the first to attack with a nuclear weapon.  China and India both have a “No First Strike” policy, USA, UK, NATO, France and Russia ambiguously affirm that ” a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” Biden approved a version of the policy from the Obama administration that permits the use of nuclear weapons not only in retaliation to a nuclear attack, but also to respond to non-nuclear threats.

There’s that classic, notorious, case of Israel, which “neither confirms nor denies” having nuclear weapons. Thus, Israel can intimidate other states, while not having to conform to international protocols like the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel also maintains “strategic ambiguity” on the killings of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Why, why, does the “rules-based-global-order” put up with this absurdly dangerous situation, and fervently blame countries that aspire to counter the USA-NATO weapons build-up ?

These pernicious policies of strategic ambiguity causes fear and confusion not only in the citizens of supposedly enemy countries, but also in the citizens of the supposedly virtuous West.


November 8, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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