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Nuclear news – week to 7 November

Some bits of good news, Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022 so far.

Coronavirus:  Long Covid’s astounding impact, explained in numbers and charts – video.

Global Heating: UN weather report: Climate woes bad and getting worse faster.

Nuclear. Where to start?   Today, I am taken with the significance, and danger, of that word “Ambiguity“. It is the means by which we are kept in the dark, by which our governments can start a war, a nuclear war, at any time, without the bother of consulting parliament or people. Why are we letting ourselves put up with this farcical state of affairs – put across by the American government, and repeated by the Australian, (and no doubt other) government?

There’s the ambiguity about Taiwan .  Governments of both USA and Australia recognise Taiwan as part of China, legally a province of China. Yet apparently we’re happy to go to war against China on behalf of Taiwan.

There’s America’s ambiguity about  being the first to attack with a nuclear weapon.  President Biden approved a version of the policy from the Obama administration that permits the use of nuclear weapons not only in retaliation to a nuclear attack, but also to respond to non-nuclear threats.


 Australia is addicted to fighting other people’s wars.  As Australia gets American nuclear-capable bombers, it risks becoming a dangerous military mess and target – like Guam. ‘Target Oz’: Defence Strategic Review must address nuclear risks. Australia’s $multibillion submarine madness and the phoney China threat.     Australia’s ongoing nuclear submarine debacle – ‘A tangle of overlapping interests’, Why does Australia still sell uranium to China?

 This is what Australia needs to bring to Egypt for COP27

CLIMATE. The climate crisis and the danger of nuclear war are deeply intertwined.   COP27 in Egypt. Will rich nations fulfil their promises to help poor countries to fight global heating?       Environmentalists slam corporate influence at U.N. climate talks

ECONOMICSFrench nuclear corporation EDF – facing huge debts, but cosily enmeshed with UK government . Failure of the “nuclear renaissance” leaves Britain with super-costly closures of reactors, and electricity shortage. U.S. company Westinghouse wants to build a fleet of nuclear reactors in Europe, starting with Poland.

EMPLOYMENT. Nice work if you can get it: £750 a day for leading Lincolnshire’s nuclear dump bid.

ENERGY. Does the UK need new nuclear plants like Sizewell C to reach net zero? EDF Warns of Lower Output Across Its Nuclear Reactors in France. France, depending on nuclear power, now imports more electricity than it exports.

ENVIRONMENT. Councillor wants to know why there has been an increase in radioactive particles found on Dounreay foreshore.

HEALTHCarbon-14: Another underestimated danger from nuclear power reactors.     Studies on nuclear radiation’s impact on people necessary (Indonesia).

MEDIA. Ukrainian First Lady Zelenska ordered The Grayzone’s Web Summit cancellation.

NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY. America’s Abandoned Nuclear Power Projects (includes Interactive Map)

POLITICS. UK government might scrap Sizewell nuclear plan. Will they, won’t they – great uncertainty over government go ahead for Sizewell C.       Japanese government seeks to allow nuclear reactors to operate for 80 years.        The new Jewish state in the Levant: A fanatics-led nuclear power.          Poland picks nuclear power that the International Energy Agency says is “stagnating or in decline”.

POLITICS INTERNATIONAL and DIPLOMACYThe U.S. President’s Dismissal Of Diplomacy Undermines His Own Party, Prolongs The Destruction Of Ukraine And Threatens Nuclear War. In America Pro-war hawks have progressive Democrats on their Squad. USA’s deliberate ambiguity on use of nuclear weapons really means “don’t mess with us or we’ll nuke you”. Biden lost temper with Zelenskyy in June phone call when Ukrainian leader asked for more aid.

  Poland, South Korea sign outline accords on nuclear power project. When it comes to a nuclear industry project – Europe puts no sanctions on Russia.

Europe can’t cut economic ties with Russia unless it cuts nuclear power use as well.  World Nuclear Industry Status Report delivers all the empirical data we need to know about nuclear power’s decline.

SAFETY. Attacks on Ukrainian nuclear-power plants challenge treaties, and raise other safety concerns.       Nuclear Free Local Authorities ask when will the Olkiluoto farce ever Finnish?

SECRETS and LIES. Israeli finance minister added to Kiev’s ‘kill list’.

WAR and CONFLICT.     War and Regrets in Ukraine.   The nuclear threats that hang over the world. Doomsday Clock Reveals How Nuclear War Would Decimate Civilization.  US troops on the ground in Ukraine – media. Six Reasons Why Americans Should Care That US Troops Are In Ukraine. U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine: this is bad!    How Close are We to Nuclear War? Will Biden Gamble on a Ukraine Coalition?      ‘Sloppy’ US Talk on China’s Threat Worries Some Skeptical Experts.    North Korea fired intercontinental ballistic missile – Seoul.

 Australia is addicted to fighting other people’s wars.  As Australia gets American nuclear-capable bombers, it risks becoming a dangerous military mess and target – like Guam.  Australia’s $multibillion submarine madness and the phoney China threat.     Australia’s ongoing nuclear submarine debacle – ‘A tangle of overlapping interests’.

WEAPONS and WEAPONS SALES. Nuclear gravity bomb more powerful than Hiroshima blast to be added to NATO’s arsenal.   Finland hints at allowing NATO to station nuclear weapons (?targets) on its soil.    U.S., NATO ready array of missiles for war in UkrainePentagon to provide $400 million more for Ukraine war effort

  Loosening the Nuclear Knot – ARMS CONTROL TODAY,  Pentagon Scraps Submarine Nuclear Cruise Missile Program.


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  1. OpEdNews

    OpEdNews Op Eds 11/5/2022 at 10:27 AM EDT

    Billionaire-fueled Fascism is on the Nov. 8th Ballot

    By Chuck Pennacchio      

    Over and over, I hear people say, and read writers scribe: “democracy is on the ballot this year.” Meaning, in most cases: if GOP 2020 election deniers, 2022 election-results-refusers-unless-I-win, and racist-ageist voter suppression champions prevail, in key state and federal elections, our republic is set up for final collapse with the 2024 presidential contest. It wouldn’t matter if Trump or a Trump-heir runs; they will either win the Electoral College outright or steal the contest through a combination of factors playing out in polling locations, the streets, the congress, and the courts.

    What comes next? Think Germany 1919-1933, you know, the history playbook Steven Miller, Steve Bannon, and Roger Stone subscribe to. (For a longer treatment of the “stab-in-the-back myth and the fall of the Weimar Republic” and its parallel “stolen-election lie and 01-06-2021 perpetual coup” see, with more to come.) So, on the day of, and in the days, weeks, and months following the January 20, 2025, inaugural, the Trumpist-Fascist dictator-in-chief will formally terminate what remains of our constitution, declaring, something along the lines of: ‘we must suspend our democracy in order to preserve our democracy.’

    Of course, it doesn’t need to come to this. But the slide into Fascism will continue unless and until we finally recognize the dominant role of the Billionaire puppeteers at the top of the food chain ” using and manipulating every ideological instrument in the Fascist toolkit Click Here ” and bring them to heel. The first step must be to reject, up and down the ballot, the Billionaire-funded Fascist party that the GOP has become. (I, for one, am deeply grateful to be able to vote for very good-to-excellent Democrats from my present home in Pittsburgh/Sharpsburg. But right now, in this moment of existential crisis, I would hold my nose to vote for a center-right Democrat.) I recently outlined additional, immediate, personal steps you can take in “10+ Things YOU Can Do to Fight Fascism”:

    Ultimately, however, we need to launch a local, statewide, national, and international grassroots movement to abolish the Billionaire class. The alternative is to continue with the Billionaire class abolishing us: making our planet increasingly uninhabitable, off-shoring one-third of the world’s wealth, amplifying the worst refugee crisis (65+ million people) since the Second World War, grotesquely profiting from preventable diseases and wars, and turning people against one another through scapegoating and fear-mongering, and dark-money-funding white nationalism, religious nationalism, and culture wars. Whether we are talking about the reckless, destructive, and megalomaniacal behavior of Elon Musk (Twitter), Barre Seid (Marble Freedom Trust), Kanye West (anti-Black Black man), Phil Knight (Nike), or simply the radical accumulation of $12.7 trillion by 2,668 Billionaires ” of whom 735 are Americans worth $4.7 trillion ” this wealth consolidation creates catastrophic human (and animal and planetary) suffering for the 99.99999771% non-Billionaires, or 7.837 billion homo sapiens.

    So when you go to the polls or drop boxes on Tuesday, remember you are casting your ballot not simply for or against candidates and referenda, you are deciding whether or not to support or oppose Billionaire-fueled Fascism. This is the first in a series of opportunities to halt the destructive force of the 0.00000339% Billionaire class. Choose wisely. We’ll discuss next steps and strategy after the 2022 election.

    Chuck Pennacchio, Ph.D., is a five-decade issue, electoral, and union organizer; president of ; senior advisor to Healthcare for All Pennsylvania; co-founder of Our Revolution PA; founder of the Justice for All Network (; producer of the single-payer documentary “Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” ( (more…)

    Comment by Terra | November 7, 2022 | Reply

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