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TODAY . Is the nuclear industry more desperate than we realised – now we have Canada calling nuclear energy “CLEAN”?

Amidst all the brouhaha about the danger that Ukraine’s nuclear reactors are in (not just Zaporizhia, but all of them) – suddenly the Canadian government comes out with a statement that nuclear energy is clean and deserving of investment tax credits.

No other industry poses the dangers and pollution risks , especially in war-time – that nuclear does. It’s not just the reactor – it’s the nuclear fuel supplies, the spent fuel wastes, the risk of loos of power and cooling water.

Nature reports – “Nuclear-power plants elsewhere in Ukraine are also under threat. Shelling has been reported at the Khmelnytskyy plant in Netishyn, and cruise missiles have overflown the South Ukraine plant in Yuzhnoukrainsk. And Ukraine’s energy infrastructure across the country is coming under attack, including substations linked to nuclear plants

Right now , the Ukraine situation highlights just how dangerous and dirty this industry is.

But it’s dangerous and dirty in peacetime, too. The industry knows this. Governments know this, Apart from the eternal toxic waste problem, and radiation hazards, the whole nuclear industry emits lots of carbon.

But on November 3rd ,Canada’s  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland released the 2022 Fall Economic Statement including small nuclear reactors for  clean technology tax credits. The government also indicates in the statement that it will consult on “additional eligible technologies (eg large scale-nuclear )  It will announce the specific details on what those technologies will be in its 2023 budget.

Well, this pitch-on-nuclear-as-needed-against-global -heating is the current BIG NUCLEAR LIE. (They know it takes decades to set up), they know it’s unaffordable. They’re desperate to put it over us all with this “climate-fixing” nonsense – sneaking nuclear in along with genuinely clean strategies – energy conservation and renewables


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