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TODAY. The tangled web of deception about small nuclear reactors (SMRs).

The well kept secret that Small Nuclear Reactors need High-Assay Enriched Uranium – from Russia

It’s been a mess from the start . Nobody wants to admit that the only real purpose for small nuclear reactors (SMRs) is to keep the nuclear weapons industry going.

The big propaganda lie is that SMRs will fix climate change. If that worked (a huge “If”) the world would need millions of SMRs dotted about the planet in a very short time.

The pretense is that they’re needed for electricity production – despite the continuing success of relatively quick establishment of much cheaper and cleaner renewable energy.

The absurdity that SMRs will be cheap. That goes along with the reality that very few investors want to fund them So – NuScale had to set up a rather dodgy, complicated investment body

And UK’s Rolls Royce had to set up and even more complicated one

With no chance of getting real private investors, the nuclear lobby relies on billionaires (Bill Gates for USA, the Perrodo family for UK) – but even they want tax-funded development of SMRs.

Oh, by the way – there are safety, terrorism, and weapons proliferation dangers in SMRs. And they produce wastes that are even more toxic than that produced by large reactors.

But the bit they really like to leave out – is that the whole thing absolutely needs high assay low enriched uranium (HALEU) bought from Russia


October 22, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. Most of us are locked out of twitter because of musk. Almost all news in the usa is propaganda. The Democrat scum, have enabled the openly facist devils to take over this rotten place.

    Comment by Eg | October 23, 2022 | Reply

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