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Elon Musk supports Russia keeping Crimea—because he’s worried about nuclear escalation and World War III

Fortune, BY TRISTAN BOVE, October 18, 2022

The world’s richest man wants the West to more seriously consider the risk of nuclear conflict and World War III breaking out over Ukraine, as Russia’s hold over Crimea—illegally annexed by Russia in 2014—is thrown into question.

“If Russia is faced with the choice of losing Crimea or using battlefield nukes, they will choose the latter,” Elon Musk wrote in a tweet on Monday.

He continued: “We’ve already sanctioned/cutoff Russia in every possible way, so what more do they have left to lose? If we nuke Russia back, they will nuke us and then we have WW3.”…………………………….

Musk and Ukraine

Earlier this month, Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, made waves when he suggested that the two sides reach a compromise before the use of nuclear weapons escalates the conflict into World War III. 

He did so by sharing his view on what a peaceful resolution in Ukraine would look like, including Ukraine remaining neutral and permanently ceding control of Crimea to Russia. 

In his proposal, Musk wrote that this outcome was “highly likely,” and the only question was “how many die before then.” He noted at the time that a nuclear escalation was a “possible, albeit unlikely” outcome……………

In his tweet on Monday predicting World War III, Musk emphasized the strategic and symbolic importance of Crimea to Russia, equating its potential loss to the “USA losing Hawaii and Pearl Harbor.”

Global war threats

If Putin was holding back on nuclear threats in the first few months of the war, he certainly isn’t now. At the end of September, Putin announced he would employ “all means available to us” to defend the four eastern Ukrainian regions Russia had recently annexed, a threat many took to be nuclear in nature. …………………………………………………. more

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  1. In addition to being the world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk is also the world’s biggest conman and egoist. He lied about providing starlight internet to ukraine. It was completely subsidized, by the US govt.he didn’t pay a dime to get it going as he has said. Musk  lies about perfecting completely autonomous cars that continue, to catch fire and cause accidents. His Mars colonization is one of the greatest jokes and cons in history.
    Musk has birthed nine children in collaboration with four different uteruses His wife’s, his girlfriend’s, a surrogate’s, and a senior employee.
    Elon musk brags about  feeding his  his babies fukushima applesausce!

    This month, Musk diverted  additional attention to himself. There haven’t been enough headlines about his on-again, off-again purchase of Twitter, his alleged romantic interludes, his dope smoking on Joe Rogan, his Tesla overpromising and all the other publicity stunts to stoke his overloaded ego. Now he has said he has drafted himself as a citizen-diplomat to end the Russian war on Ukraine. Putin says he is lying.

    Musk’s diplomatic grandstand, with putin would be admirable, if there were any substance to it. Putin denies it.

    Nobody accused Musk of conducting his own foreign policy in late February when he tweeted the news that he had activated his Starlink satellite internet service over Ukraine that was payed for by the usa govt, not him, as he lied about it. Because he is the ultimate govt welfare parasite who receive billions from the usa military industrial complex  from nasa for his self-serving space x projects and finally from his boondoggle Mars colonization lies and tin can Mars rocket, that would not get past the moon.
      His peace plan, bs  and toadying is simplistic grandstanding that hasnt  killed anyone,  but will go nowhere like his other conjobs , whereas Starlink’s activation likely sent thousands of Russian soldiers to their graves by giving the Ukrainian military a decided advantage over its Russian invaders.
    Radionuclides are the most mutagenic chemicals on earth! Millions of times more genotoxic than their closest,  chemotoxic relatives. Elon musk brags about  feeding his  his babies, fukushima applesausce!

    The never-never frontier
    Musk will never have colonies in space. First of all, there is too much cosmic radiation, in space. No hull can protect humans from it, from Cosmic radiation. Cosmic radiation is a hundred times more penetrating, than gamma radiation.
    Gamma radiation and neutron bursts are the most deadly radiation, on earth. One concentrated burst, of gamma radiation,, will kill you.
    Most astronauts are damaged, by their time in space. There are no known propulsion systems, that will  feasibly take large groups of people to Mars. Musk is such a liar and con. His tin can Mars rocket will never go much anywhere. Musk wants to develop nuclear fission drive for Mars colonization and use nuclear bombs to geoengineer Mars for hellsake! Musk also proposes nuclear propulsion for Mars colonization.
    Nuclear propulsion is a mIndscrewingly evil joke, that would probably irradiate, any passengers to Mars to death, before they got to Mars. Any attempt at space colonization will finish the earths atmosphere, from the massive propellants pollution, needed to multiply  shuttle material into orbit for his grandiose schemes.  The earths atmosphere is so chemically polluted, it would be ruined ruined not to mention, the accelerating effects on climate change.  Atmospheric pollution, is so bad from chemical pollution that it is almost unbreathable in many areas on earth.
    Musk wants to put more nuclear reactors in space!
    Radionuclides are millions of times more, genotoxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic,.and teratogenic
    more so, than the closest nitrogen mustard, or any chemical mutagen and woman’s reproductive systems are a hundred times more sensitive to the than mens.
    Musk says people in Japan and the world need to have more babies because, the birth rate is going down.  He never  brings  up the fact about how polluted Japan and the world  world  are now  with hormone interrupting toxic industrial chemicals and radionuclides. Radionuclides are the most mutagenic chemicals on earth! Millions of times more genotoxic than their closest,  chemotoxic relatives. Elon musk brags about  feeding his  his babies fukushima applesausce!
    The ongoing  fukushima catastrophe, in japan continues to go on spewing radionuclides into the environment and ocean. 1 million snowcrabs  just disappeared in the artic this year and their will be no snowcrab harvests in alaska, this year.
    In Japan, their solution, and one applauded by this psychotic out of touch billionaires Musk and  Bill Gates, is to build more nuclear reactors and flood the already overlooked , nuclearwaste ridden earth, with more nuclear waste .
    The old fascist Boobs in Japan that are pushing more reactors, are the ultimate nuclear criminals. They are a scripted part of Japan’s imminent collapse. One more meltdown in Japan,  will mean acute radiation poisoning and death for half of Japan. That is  because, the radionuclide prevalence will be large and “undiluted” enough, to cause visible and widespread death in Japan.

    The Japanese continue to open air burn nuclear waste from fukishima. In various parts of japan.

    Japanese society continues to have serious problems, with the large initial spewing of radionuclides, as far south as Yokohama , as far East as Fukui, as far north as Hokkaido They have actually been burning nuclear waste from fukushima and spreading, the most deadly radionuclides, all over japan since the initial meltdowns occured and now they want to release millions of gallons, of more radionucled water that they have accumulated, since fukushima into the ocean.
    Fukushima continues to pour deadly radionuclides into the environment. Birth defect statistics are suppressed. Cancer rates suppressed. There is putrid malaise, in most of japan.

    Musk supports fascism in Japan and elsewhere. He wants to put Trump back on twitter. He supported PM Abe the greatest fukushima denier and suppresor of all time.  Musk supports nuclear power in China and everywhere! Abe was a nasty fascist nationalist.  Bill Gates  and Trump  were  best buds with abe .

    Modern Fascism, is deeply linked to organized crime and corruption.  It is the last stage of political organization, in corrupt, industrial societies. It is antidemocratic. It denies, climate change and industrial pollution. Fascism scapegoats groups of people, as the cause of problems. Fascism ignores the results of climate change, industrial pollution, and declining life expectancies, in declining industrial nations. Fascism denies these industrial ills, that cause climate change and dangerous levels of heavy metal and chemical pollution. In fact, fascists, deregulate toxic substance controls and bans.
    Fascists, want to increase fossil fuel extraction and, nuclear energy production.
    Suicidal denial, projection, and irrationality, in a very sick society.
    Turning to fascism, signals the death-knell, for a decaying, dying nationality, in the anthropocene age because, of it’s reactionary and antidemocratic nature.
    Italy’s mafias, have dumped concentrated high-level, nuclear waste, in municipalities dumps in Italy,  for  the past 4 decades. Heavy metal pollution like lead,  arsenic,  radionuclides,  and mercury is widespread and has high prevalence in all industrial societies.  Arsenic and radium, comes from car exhaust, from burning fossil fuels.
    Lead and uranium are in water, from fracking and leaded pipes.
    Mercury and radiocuclides in foods, comes  from years of mercury pollution, nuclear waste, nuclear accidents, and nuclear power.  
    High toxic pollution levels exist, in most capitalist and mixed-economy consumption-based, societies.
    The metals cause physical disability and dementia, in already failing societies.
    Western countries descending into fascism already suffer parliamentry stalemate, austerity economics, economic decline,  the interference  of other countries in their politics and economies. Pollution, climate change,  and fascism, are sure to lead to  the accelerated, suicidal decline of Italy.
    It is a society that will only decline further, with such an irrational political system, until it implodes in this anthropocene age, as Japan is, under the weight of Fukushima. As Ukraine did, under the weight of chernobyl.

    Comment by Earta Caln | October 18, 2022 | Reply

    • Well said, Earta Caln! I couldn’t agree more. I published it only because on this occasion he was saying something sensible

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | October 18, 2022 | Reply

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