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Nuclear, and some other, news – week to 11 October.

Some bits of good news –  What went right this week: an iconic river reborn, plus more.   Around 90 per cent of the plastic in our oceans could be gone by 2040-(they claim, anyway).

A tragic and predictable story.  Another Australian, Wilfred Burchett went to Hiroshima in the first days following the atomic bomb. He photographed the victims, the devastation, the horror, done by the USA. and he wrote about it all.
What happened to Burchett’s  record of this –   it disappeared, then came the never-ending persecution of him, and his banishment from his own country.
They’ll do it more subtly to Assange. They’ll aim to break his spirit and his mental health.  
For Australia, America’s lackey – the best face-saving outcome will be – to make Assange plead guilty. Then he spends some time in the cruellest USA prison. then a “kindly” U.S. President  magnaminously lets him go to an.. Australian gaol. Some years later, a completely discredited and broken Julian is released, when they’re sure he’s forgotten by the public.
But world-wide journalists won’t forget- they have been shown how they must toe the USA line.

Coronavirus.COVID-19 world weekly cases drop 7% but European nations rise 2%  .(Governments in Covid denial?)  International task force finds COVID-19 origins ‘most likely zoonotic’ and warns of a failure to reduce animal-to-human transmission.Julian Assange tests positive for COVID-19.

Rotting in jail’: Thousands march for Julian Assange’s release as his brother urges Anthony Albanese to act. Assange protesters rally for his release The CIA, the corporate state, and the persecution of Julian Assange – democracy being destroyed.

Nuclear War and Moral SanityWhy We Need To Teach Nuclear War. Nothing’s more important than avoiding nuclear war2022 Nobel Peace Prize award violates the purpose of the prize .

Media hide the fascist ideology of Ukrainian militia who visit U.S. Congress.

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2022 (WNISR2022). Nuclear share in energy generation falls to lowest in four decades-report.

The risk of nuclear disaster grows every day.

Radioactive releases from the nuclear power sector and implications for child health.

Particle radioactivity linked to pollution-associated heart attack and stroke death.

Renewables need minerals. Can their pollution and public health challenges be overcome?


POLAND. Poland suggests hosting US nuclear weapons- ‘nuclear sharing’.

RUSSIAAre Putin’s nuclear threats really likely to lead to Armageddon?


FRANCE . France’s nuclear energy strategy — once its pride and joy — faces big problems this winter. France and UK to take joint control of Sizewell C nuclear plant. Macron’s nuclear dream means attacking environmental law, and is no help to the climate. As France’s nuclear power production is failing, the government aims to cut the nation’s electricity consumption.

EUROPE. No nuclear power ‘renaissance’ as Europe wrestles energy crisis. Russia’s €200m nuclear exports untouched by EU sanctions. 25 years ago Australia’s Paul Keating warned against expanding NATO.

AUSTRIA. Austria has filed a legal case against European Union’s inclusion of nuclear and gas as “clean” in the EU “taxonomy.

GERMANY. Lasting peace in Europe only possible with Russia’s input – Angela Merkel. State ministry reports leak at German nuclear plant, experts investigating.


MARSHALL ISLANDS. Marshall Islands to receive U.N. support over nuclear legacy. ‘We want to thank them’: Local Marshallese community welcomes anti-nuclear testing ship.

SPAIN. The government’s price isn’t right for plutonium-contaminated land in Palomares (Almeria)

BELGIUM. Two Belgian nuclear reactors fail in a week.

MYANMAR. Myanmar Junta’s Nuclear Ambition Timeline.

AUSTRALIA. The Australian Radioactive Waste Agency (ARWA) shows that the planned Kimba dump is predominantly for ANSTO’s wastes, NOT for medical wastes. Coalition nuclear power bill “dead on arrival,” but somehow the debate lives on. What do you think the arms trade is, a charity? Actually yes, that’s what it is.


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7,000 form human chain in London to protest treatment of Assange

WSWS 9 Oct 22, Around 7,000 people formed a human chain around the Houses of Parliament in the UK Saturday, protesting the British government’s persecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The chain ran continuously from Parliament Square along the Palace of Westminster, across Lambeth Bridge, along South Bank to Westminster bridge, then back over the Thames river to Parliament Square—roughly two miles. The event was organised by the Don’t Extradite Assange campaign.

Assange is currently held in Belmarsh maximum security prison in London. The United States government is seeking his extradition under the Espionage Act for exposing the war crimes and human rights abuses of US imperialism and its allies. It has plotted his assassination and levelled charges which carry a life sentence in solitary confinement. The WikiLeaks founder is seeking to overturn orders by the British judiciary and the home secretary approving his extradition. His legal team filed an appeal with the High Court in August.

Stella Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher’s wife, told protestors on Saturday, “Julian is suffering and part of the point of making this human chain was to show that what is happening here is not a legal process, it’s not a legitimate process. It is the instrumentalisation of the law in order to persecute a person, a journalist, in order to keep him in prison indefinitely.

“People around the world are witnessing this atrocity and that is what compels them to come here to show their solidarity, to show that they care about Julian. That they believe in justice, that they see what is happening here is a state that has committed crimes against innocent, that is now committing crimes against a journalist who exposed those crimes they committed.

“Let’s not forget that the US planned to assassinate Julian in the UK, while he was in the embassy and now they’ve put him in the harshest prison in the UK for almost four years.”

WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson said proceedings against Assange were “not a legal case,” because of the way the legal system has “bent itself to the demands and requests of the government… it’s appalling.”

He continued, “Julian is a political prisoner. He’s being politically persecuted. The chain around Parliament is sending a message to those inside. They are there to serve the people on the outside. And those are Julian’s supporters. Thousands of them here today, and millions around the world who know that this is a travesty.”

Labour MP and former shadow chancellor John McDonnell had the brass neck to announce, “As we go into the 18 months up to a general election, this will become a general election issue. Every MP will be asked: do you stand up for journalism, do you stand up for the rights of journalist to report freely, do you stand up for his basic human rights, do you stand up for justice?”……………………..

Reporters from the World Socialist Web Site spoke with some of the protestors……………………………………………

A number of those protesting travelled to London from other countries to do so. Mantas, who traveled from Lithuania that day to support Assange as part of the chain, told our reporters, “Assange told the truth about war crimes, and he fought for human rights and freedom of the press.”

The US and UK governments “want to make a clear and obvious example of Assange so that no-one attempts what he did. The powers that be are trying to impose their own world view, control how people think, to seduce them into thinking nothing can be done or that the world is as it’s supposed to be, when we are actually entering into wholesale madness in the world.”

He said of the war in Ukraine that the weapons manufacturers and businesses “want to promote a new war, and they don’t care about the consequences for the Ukrainian people or the Russian people. I don’t agree with Putin’s actions, but I think there was another option, but Zelensky was encouraged to take a hard line and oppose any deals from the Russian Federation.”

Listing the crimes exposed by WikiLeaks he said, “Where do you start? You can look at the video of an Apache helicopter shooting civilians. The Afghan and Iraq war logs and so on. People should look into it. There’s too much to go into herethat many crimes have been uncovered. People should look into what WikiLeaks has done what its expose and be objective about the matter.”

Assange’s case “shows that if anyone finds out something like this and tries to tell the public then they can be prosecuted for it. So obviously that can threaten everyone.”

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