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Fluoride in drinking water has no effect on child brain development

Am I pleased to find this article. I have spent much time over the years in studying this fluoride question.

All that I’ve found is that fluoridation of water, (where it is deficient) is almost certainly the best public health measure ever.

I can’t understand the fuss made by people who accept iodised salt etc, where it’s needed, but go into panic about fluoride.

Being anti-nuclear does not automatically mean being anti-fluoride, anti-vaccination etc.

Fluoride in drinking water has no effect on child brain development

The UQ research found no difference in brain development between children who drank fluoridated water and those who didn’t.


October 9, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. The research on water fluoridation has been thorough and comprehensive, over decades. Are we supposed to belief that all the dental authorities, and thousands of dentists are lying to us?
    I particularly dislike comments from the anti-fluoride zealots, when they attack me personally. Their favourite claim – that I am paid to publish anti-nuclear stuff. If only! I have never been paid one cent to do this. (WordPress – free to me, gets the revenue from advertising on this site) The latest anti- fluoride commentator pities me as I am, he claims “Of The Corp Gov World’. I love it – so far my only experience with the “Corp Gov World is an Australian uranium company’s efforts to sue me.

    Comment by Christina Macpherson | October 10, 2022 | Reply

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