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The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2022 (WNISR2022)

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2022 (WNISR2022) assesses on 385
pages the status and trends of the international nuclear industry. It
provides a comprehensive overview of nuclear power plant data, including
information on operation, production, construction, and decommissioning.

The WNISR assesses the status of new-build programs in existing as well as
in potential newcomer nuclear countries. The report also compares the
development of nuclear power and renewable energy globally.

WNISR2022 contains a special focus chapter on Nuclear Power and War that assesses the
safety and security challenges of nuclear power plants in war situations.

Further focus chapters include the Fukushima Status Report providing an
overview of ongoing onsite/offsite challenges of the 2011-disaster.

The Decommissioning Status Report looks at the current situation of the now
over 200 closed nuclear power reactors.

Nine interdisciplinary experts from
Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the U.K., from top think tanks like
Chatham House in London and prestigious academic institutions like Nagasaki
University, University of British Columbia, and Technical University in
Berlin, have contributed to the report, along with a data engineer,
numerous proofreaders, and two artistic designers. The foreword was
provided by Aviel Verbruggen, Prof. Dr. Emeritus, University of Antwerp,

 WNISR 5th Oct 2022


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