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TODAY. Folie a deux? – Liz Truss and Emmanuel Macron – besties, in going all out for nuclear power

What a pair! They have so much in common. Especially their glorious abandon in going back on previous promises. Macron promised to phase out nuclear power. Truss wanted Britain to stay in the European Union. Then – hey presto! Macron’s all for the nuclear industry, and Liz all for “Brexit” – UK getting out of the EU.

But now, Liz and Emmanuel are besties again, as both go hell for leather for the dangerous, weapons-proliferation, environment-damaging and – oh dear! unaffordably costly nuclear power!

Is this some sort of subconscious Folie à deux – a strange political suicide wish?

They’re committed to work together to get EDF’s Sizewell C nuclear station project happening.

For France – by the end of this year, EDF’s net debt is already forecast to swell to about €60bn, while its French construction programme alone could cost another €52bn.

For Britain – not counting the astronomic cost ,  ( up to £30 billion, to be paid sort of upfront by the odious Regulated Asset Base ) Sizewell C will be foreign owned, and years to build, with dangerous, hazardous waste and horrendous decommissioning costs – not to mention a potential target for terrorists. Located on low-lying Suffolk coast – vulnerable to rising seas due to global heating.

One point of difference. Liz Truss opposes the idea of Britons conserving energy, whereas the Macron government is promoting energy conservation. Macron’s a bit less nutty?


October 7, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes, politics international, UK

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