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TODAY. Small Nuclear Reactors have only one use – to lead and help the global nuclear weapons juggernaut

Once again, credible sources reiterate that ‘advanced nuclear’ technology – especially Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) are:

  • non-existent as a functioning electricity source
  • the most expensive of all energy sources
  • not really small anyway 300MWe (and cunningly designated “medium” – up to 700MWe)
  • serious producers of toxic, virtually eternal, wastes
  • Thorium ones need plutonium or enriched uranium to start the reaction
  • require huge security – safety and proliferation risks
  • Millions of them needed to be effective against climate change,  but none available till long after urgent action is needed.
  • Distract and divert attention, energy and money away from real climate solutions.

So – why on Earth are all the powerful governments and media constantly trumpeting the virtues of Small Nuclear Reactors?

There is only one real reason:

Small Nuclear Reactors are essential for the nuclear weapons industry.

As the Big Nuclear power industry is failing, and cyclotrons now produce medical radioisotopes, there is really no need for the so-called “peaceful” nuclear industry (except for the massive clean-up jobs)

The Small Nuclear Reactor fantasy keeps the whole show, the whole hypocrisy, alive.

Starting with the (dubiously useful) nuclear submarines – the small nuclear reactor dream is already taking shape. But the industry needs a nice, clean-sounding ‘cover’ for its real killer purpose. Hence the foolish frenzy for “Nice Clean, Climate-helping, Waste-eating, Jobs-providing” Small Nuclear Reactors. (go to Google – you will find nothing but a procession of these lies.


October 6, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes, Small Modular Nuclear Reactors


  1. Dr oz the republican fascist candidate in Pennsylvania stands in front of hitlers call and has a special conversation, with facist, incel-king Jordan Peterson. How special. Campaign ad glorifying nazis

    Comment by Tera Tso | October 7, 2022 | Reply

    • Tera Tso
      I don’t see that this comment has any relevance to the post above. But I assume that it is relevant to a previous post that I put up. I previously put up an interview with Jordan Peterson, (about the Ukraine war), because I thought that he then made some important points – and I still think that he did. However, thank you for pointing me to Jordan Peterson’s unsavoury political connections. I know little about American politics, but I greatly dislike the extreme right and the Trumpian forces.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | October 7, 2022 | Reply

  2. Nazis and fascists, will say and do anything to get attention, or get what they want. Then flip. My great uncle was in WW2. He knew. Why doesn’t anyone else anymore?

    Comment by Tera Tso | October 7, 2022 | Reply

    • I don’t know. We are in the age of the 24 hour endless news cycle. Also the age of very brief, not-fact-tested items on social media. Everything promotes the practice of short attention span. Education promotes the (very necessary) STEM subjects, but downgrades the humanities – history seen as a a useless subject? The old people remember – but they are old, and therefore irrelevant?

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | October 7, 2022 | Reply

      • I agree. Lack of a humaities background, probably affects consciousness, about climate change and politics. People get a lot of information, on the internet but, there is too much manipulation and misinformation. I respect elders.

        Comment by Tera Tso | October 8, 2022

  3. You have to be careful of pundit personalities in the usa. The worst, are the ones that play both sides of the fence. It shows how unethical and bought off, usa media is. Major TV networks are corporate, warmonger propagandists. Other media sweethearts are the people like Glenn Greedeald, Jimmy Dore, and Matt Tabbai. They act contrarian, so they can get on Murdochs, fox. They do it for money and exposure. They are sold-out husks of human beings. Jimmy Dore, supports the violent neonazi Boogaloo boys who have killed honest police officers and, were a big part of the Jan 6, racist coup attempt.
    Michael Tracey is a younger Pundit, with a lousy bs degree from a minor college, in New Jersey. He is a holocaust denier. He says the allies could have negotiated a peace settlement, with nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, earlier on the the war.

    Comment by Tera Tso | October 9, 2022 | Reply

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