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TODAY. Don’t be fooled by the sly inclusion of nuclear as “clean” energy. NUCLEAR POWER IS DIRTY POWER.

Sometimes I think that the Tories are just more honest. They don’t give a damn about the environment, whereas UK Labour, (and the USA “progressives, Democrats etc) use weasel words to sneak nuclear in amongst genuinely clean systems like solar.

“A Labour government would set up a “Great British Energy” company to generate more clean power for the nation – a “100 per cent clean power system” with wind, solar, tidal, energy efficiency, and including nuclear.

It’s a lie, and they know it – having sold their soul to the powerful nuclear lobby.

Nuclear power is dirty. Above all – its sole real purpose is to further the nuclear weapons industry, and thus increase the risks of destroying the environment and its species (us included).

Even without accidents, the entire nuclear fuel cycle from uranium mining through to accumulation of dead reactors and toxic wastes emits ionising radiation that causes cancer, other diseases and birth defects. For most of this fuel cycle, much carbon is emitted. The risk of accidents is ever present, – as illustrated in today’s dangerous situation in Ukraine, as sell as in past history.

Nuclear power leaves toxic wastes that will remain toxic for many many centuries, and they don’t know how to get rid of it. No real toilet for nuclear – how dare they call this “clean”!!


September 28, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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