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A farcical detachment from reality’: Green groups respond to UK Government’s energy bills plan.

The Government has unveiled plans to
introduce a price freeze on energy bills to combat the energy crisis, but
decisions to reverse fracking bans and not introduce a windfall tax on
energy firms have been criticised by green groups.

Jess Ralston, Senior
Analyst with the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU): “All the
experts and even the industry agree more UK gas won’t bring down British
bills. To bring down bills we need to use less gas by investing in
insulating homes, a measure which could be cost neutral to the Treasury
given it will spend billions on the price cap freeze.

There is a real danger of the Government serving up a red herring with local communities
likely to oppose fracking rigs while focus is diverted from efficiency and
renewables which can be quick to introduce and are popular, rather than
unpopular, with the public.”

Mike Childs, head of science, policy and
research at Friends of the Earth, “The government’s energy plan is
farcical in its detachment from reality. It does nothing to tackle the root
cause of the energy crisis – our reliance on costly, polluting fossil
fuels – and only lines the pockets of the oil and gas companies driving
the cost of living and climate emergencies. “

Most of us will be relieved
about the cap on energy bills ahead of this winter but with energy, food
and fuel costs remaining high many people will still struggle to heat their
homes and put food on the table. “To bring down bills for good, we need a
street-by-street insulation programme targeted at the neighbourhoods where
most homes are poorly insulated. There are five million homes without even
basic insulation, such as loft or cavity wall insulation, and the Committee
on Climate Change has said 15 million homes would benefit from other
insulation measures.

“The biggest winners today are the oil and gas
companies. Not only will they benefit from the green light for more fossil
fuel extraction but the tens of billions of pounds of public expenditure on
the energy cap will go into their pockets and further fuel their
eye-watering profits.”

 Edie 8th Sept 2022

September 19, 2022 - Posted by | ENERGY, politics, UK

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