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TODAY. What ? Shut down an important big nuclear station? Heresy!!

But but – we all know that nuclear power is so safe! So clean! It’s the answer to climate change!

And the USA government is going allout to promote the nuclear industry. Hell – It’s in the The Inflation Reduction Act. It is our duty to promote it.

Now – it’s only because the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is in a war zone, that the USA is panicking and wants a  ‘Controlled Shutdown’. The rest of the world’s nuclear reactors are safe.

And we want to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Middle East, and to African countries. It’s not as if there’s any danger of wars there – now is there?


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  1. The most dangerous, unstable states, in the usa are Texas and Florida. Unstable because of climate change, bad nuclear reactors, unstable power grids. The southern gulfcoast usa, now has combined higher  temperatures and humidity. They are  above dangerous,  wick points, in the summer. There is a lot of extreme poverty in all ethnic groups, in the southern USA. Many people, have lost houses from floods and hurricanes. Rents are sky high, even in places like Alabama and Mississippi.

    There are very high rates of growth from migration in Texas and Florida. There are poor electrical grids. Higher than ever, property taxes.

    There is  unstable politics wth corrupt, lying, demagogues, who don’t care about middle class, working class, poor or taxation and blight, like DeSantis of Florida  and, creepy Abbott of Texas.
    These two politicians actively enforce, book banning, stacking school boards, and voter repression in Florida and Texas, respectively.

    The instability of these two ,  reality denying extremist states, of  Florida and Texas , is similar in neighbor states, Alabama, MISSISSIPPI, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee and, Arkansas. All southern states. They have high hurricane risks, and tropical storm risks. They have,  old beatup nuclear reactors, in  harms way from hurricanes,  some Reactors, are on flood plains.
    These are  nuclear reactors, close to rivers and in harms way. 

    Virginia,  North Carolina, and  South Carolina have  risk of hurricanes and, nuclear catstrophes.
    VA has higher a population density than WV .  West Virginia has high poverty rates. WV, as collapsed economy.

    The west is suffering  from drought, wildfires, extreme heat, flooding and, now serous, infrastructure destruction from flooding. The flooding, is from wildfires in the mountains.  New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington State, Idaho and  Oregon have had serious wildfires, that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of forests over the past 5 years.  These states are now experiencing flooding, from mountain runoff, from loss of foliage, that normally kept moisture from raining, in the mountains.

    Arizona has 2 dangerous nuclear reactors that run on waste water. They are close to the  drought ridden, unsustainable city of Pheonix.

    Places like WA, Idaho,  NM and NV  have large nuclear sites, with large amounts  of nuclear waste, prone to nuclear disaster, that runs off into rivers and dribble into aquifers. Nuclear reservations, like  Hanford in Washington state, Idaho National  Laboratory by Idaho Spring and, los alamos in New Mexico are examples. There are  old nuclear  bomb testing reservations, in Nevada, that have contaminated drinking water aquifers, in Nevada.

    Los Angeles CA, San Francisco and, Sacramento, California,  have high homelessness percentages. They have cost of living problems. The same could be said of  Portland Oregon, Seattle WA, New York, NY, and New Jersey.
    California, has had the worst wildfire destruction of any state, in the USA. Wildfires, in California , have  displaced thousands of people.

    There are  higher population states, that are not as hurricane prone or overheated but, have internal  structural issues, from high costs of living and infrastructure degradation, that is not being addressesed.    Long Island,  New York has old reactors and access problems to the reactors.  There nuclear reactors in Maryland. Washington DC has two reactors close to it.  New Jersey,  New Hampshire, and  Maryland,  have old  nuclear  reactors, that are well beyond their prime, in  high population density areas.

    Wyoming has a  low population density, but, it  has drought and growing cost of living.  The same is true, with  Montana, Colorado, North Dakota,  South Dakota and  Nebraska(has nuclear reactors that have been flooded). If bill gates,  manages to put, experimental sodium cooled reactor in Wyoming,  it will be a place to stay away from.
    Idaho and Wyoming are dangerously contaminated with nuclear waste, as are Nevada,  Utah, and  New Mexico.

    The states of Maine and Vermont have cost of living problems.  There is  not as high of population densities in  those states. They  have less nuclear problems.

    Illinois has Chicago, with high population density and homelessness.  The state of Illinois, is dependent on nuclear energy for its grid. There are  several old nuclear plants, that are way past their prime in Illinois. The same, is true for Michigan and Ohio. There  many old decrepit, nuclear reactors in Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan,  that should have been shut down years ago.

    There is flooding in  Pennsylvnnia, where there are old nuclear reactors past their prime. Pennsylvania, is where the  Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown, occured.  Pennsylvania, has large amounts of urban decay in Philadelphis and Pittsburg. 

    Maybe Indiana, Iowa , Missouri(has a nuclear power station), or Kentucky safer. Less nuclear, but bad flooding occured in Kentucky in August and Juy, 2022.

    Alaska is going through radical climate change. Alaska has  very low population density but, the glaciers and permafrost are melting there and they are having unseasonably higher temperatures all year round, ninety five degrees Fahrenheit this summer,  close to Anchorage. Alsaka has only a couple of Universities, with small nuclear reactors. There were nuclear bomb detonations, in the fifties, in parts of alaska.

    Most of the  focus of republicans and centrists, is to keep foreign wars going, to pile money into the military industrial complex.

    The culture war, is just a distraction run by Republicans, with gay, trans,   blacks, poor people, the working class, being  scapegoats. Scapegoats,  for the rich republicans and their billionaire donors. For corporations, as they can get more tax cuts. 

    The corrupt politicians give tax Breaks, to billionaires,  then cut relief off, to the  middle class , working class, and poor people, while increasing  their tax burden. Less to no  taxes on billionaires. They then privatize medical insurance, pensions, social security and  more, to funnel more money to corporations, Wall street, and the military industrial complex.

    Wisconsin is more stable than other states but, it has floods, old nuclear reactors, and centrally controlled extremist politics.
    Minnesota floods a lot. Minnesota  has 2 old reactors, extremist politics, and killer cops.

    The  radical republicans, really have no issues except, fake culture wars. They divert as much money to their donors as possible and,  degrade the economy further, accelerating and ignoring climate change . The republicans divert money, from imperative environmental issues that need addressing, like more renewable, and infrastructure repair.  that they choose to ignore. The extremist republicans, incite violence, chaos. They say they want societal breakdown. The republicans and centrist democrats are the parties of destruction and nihilism.

    Trump brought the usa to the brink of breakdown, when it was in power, by abrogated nuke treaties, destabilization of the usa, and almost starting a war with Iran and therefore Russia. He did the  same with China.

    There were mass shootings everywhere, deregulation of dangerous nuclear plants. He deregulated dangerous chemicals and pesticides,  to points of a poisoned and toxic society,  again.  His cure for hurricanes, was to detonate nuclear bombs on them.   His cure for all ills, is dangerous authoritarianism that ignores climate change, and infrastructure deterioration. He continues to to rant for racism,  threaten genocide against African Amercans, Muslims. He holds rallies with antisemitic screeds.

    There is an example of weird antisemitism, toward the Jewish religion. Trumps’ hacks banned, The  diary of Anne Frank. Trump supporters  say all jews are the roots,  of all economic problems. All economic problems are from Jewish bankers, according to them. Such rhetoric  borders on naziism. This is  in contrast  to their white nationalist relations, with exrteme rightwing zionist jews, in Israel, that repress, Christian Arabs and palestinian Arabs in israel.

    Republicans  are now, mostly Trump supporters. They strongly back the Ukraine, in its war against Russia. The war in the Ukraine could cause ww3 and or cause  major nuke accidents in the Ukraine.

    Comment by Terry Southard | September 1, 2022 | Reply

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