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$Multibillion costs in the struggle to deal with nuclear wastes across the globe

Nuclear power is undergoing a revival with more than 50 reactors being
built around the world, close to half in India and China. But the problem
of how to dispose of lethal nuclear waste, which can remain radioactive for
up to 300,000 years, remains remarkably difficult.

A quarter of a million metric tonnes of spent fuel rods are believed to be spread across 14
countries. South Korea is investing $1bn in R&D aimed at having a High
Level Waste treatment plant ready by 2060. The US spent $15bn into Yucca
Mountain. Finland has made the fastest progress. France has identified a
site 300km east of Paris. So far it has spent $2.5bn over 25 years on R&D,
but public opposition may put a stop to it,

FT 31st Aug 2022

August 31, 2022 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, wastes

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