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Boris Johnson locking the next Prime Minister into unsustainable nuclear debt

So long and thanks for all the nukes: Boris Johnson is marking his last week in No 10 by signing a £30 billion cheque that makes some allies of Liz Truss feel distinctly queasy.

With just five days until his successor takes office, this morning’s Times reveals that the prime minister is pressing ahead with plans to approve the Sizewell C nuclear power station in Suffolk.

It’s a decision some Truss allies would rather he had left to the next inhabitant of No 10. Earlier this month Simon Clarke, the chief secretary to the Treasury set for a senior role in the next cabinet, warned in a leaked letter that the costs of the project were “sufficient to materially affect spending and fiscal choices for an incoming government,
especially in the context of wider pressures on the public finances”. But Johnson looks set to bind the next PM’s hands anyway.

Times 31st Aug 2022


August 31, 2022 - Posted by | politics, UK

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  1. Just a periodic reminder that when people say, the left opposition, or bleeding hearts,  they’re talking about an imaginary collection of ideas and people that hold no actual power and represent whatever cultural trends or movements make them feel uncomfortable because they’re afraid of losing what they have. The don’t want to talk about real humanitarianism. They do not want to discuss unfashionable political subjects, like the violent, dangerous fanatical, fascists that are bearing down on them as well, and will probably take them out first. They don’t want to talk about these real, subjects and politics, because it makes them uncomfortable.

    They do not want to talk about individuals having solar panels or renewables.
    People like Boring Johnson want more polluting, unaffordable. expensive nuclear power Boris Johsons solution to the Uks terrible energy Woes, are more dangerous, uneconomical, nuclear power plants. Johnson is also, For poor people to burn polluting wood, that they cannot get. “Let them eat cake” Meanwhile there is no place to store, the highly radioactive waste, generated by nuclear power. Things ae heating up, and climate change is In full swing!

    Sir Richard Wellings is pronuclear
    “One solution to the energy crisis is to suspend smoke control zones and other red tape – so that freezing pensioners could burn wood, old books etc. to stay warm this winter. But in reality they don’t want people to have alternative, low-cost options.

    What about the mansions of the rich, Dickie? Could freezing pensioners burn some of those to stay warm in the winter? Or don’t you want people to have alternative, low-cost options? They will never include renewables, or individual Solar power in their pajorative sweeping  statements, or simpleton polluting, cure-alls.

    Comment by Terry Southard | September 1, 2022 | Reply

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