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Busting the absurd pro-nuclear spin of “Ecomodernism”

 Dave Elliott: The human species should, as far as possible, retreat from the natural world and live in high density urban settings’, enabled by high technology such as nuclear power, nuclear being well suited since it is a high density energy source. So says Prof Bill Nuttall in thenconclusions to the second edition of his book on the supposed ‘Nuclear Renaissance’- see my last post.

Backing the ‘ecomodernist’ agenda, he says ‘Humanity should learn to resist the temptation to live in harmony with nature, but should give all the other species with which we share this planet, space to do their own thing free from the risks of environmental collapse that the last ten generations of human beings have brought to the planet’.

But maybe the gods are with us on green energy. The prognosis
certainly looks good, with, in a new IEEE paper, researchers from LUT
University in Finland and 14 other leading international universities
looking at the wide range of global and local ‘100% renewable’ studies
that has emerged in recent years and claiming that there is growing
consensus that an energy system based on 100% renewables could be achieved
cost effectively by 2050.

Studies now claim that the cost of the transition need not be prohibitive. Indeed, all of the up-front costs for switching to100% renewable energy could it seems be paid back in just six years!
Provocative stuff – especially given the huge economic problems facing
much of the nuclear energy sector just now.

 Renew Extra Weekly 27th Aug 2022

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