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Is NATO a Defensive Alliance?

The Hidden Truth about the War in Ukraine, The Postil Magazine,  Jacques Baud “………………………………………………………………………………………… NATO’s rationale is to bring European Allies under the US nuclear umbrella. It was designed as a defensive alliance, although recently declassified US documents show that the Soviets had apparently no intention to attack the West.

For the Russians, the question about whether NATO is offensive or defensive is beside the point. To understand Putin’s point of view, we have to consider two things that are usually overlooked by Western commentators: the enlargement of NATO towards the East, and the incremental abandonment of the international security’s normative framework by the US.

In fact, as long as the US didn’t deploy missiles in the vicinity of its borders, Russia didn’t bother so much about NATO extension. Russia itself considered to apply for membership. But problems stated to appear in 2001, as George W. Bush decided to unilaterally withdraw from the ABM Treaty and to deploy anti-ballistic missiles (ABM) in Eastern Europe. The ABM Treaty was intended to limit the use of defensive missiles, with the rationale of maintaining the deterrent effect of a mutual destruction by allowing the protection of decision-making bodies by a ballistic shield (in order to preserve a negotiating capacity). Thus, it limited the deployment of anti-ballistic missiles to certain specific zones (notably around Washington DC and Moscow) and prohibited it outside national territories.

Since then, the United States has progressively withdrawn from all the arms control agreements established during the Cold War: the ABM Treaty (2002), the Open Skies Treaty (2018) and the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty (2019).

In 2019, Donald Trump justified his withdrawal from the INF Treaty by alleged violations by the Russian side. But, as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) notes, the Americans never provided proof of these violations. In fact, the US was simply trying to get out of the agreement in order to install their AEGIS missile systems in Poland and Romania. According to the US administration, these systems are officially intended to intercept Iranian ballistic missiles. But there are two problems that clearly cast doubt on the good faith of the Americans:

The first one is that there is no indication that the Iranians are developing such missiles, as Michael Ellemann of Lockheed-Martin stated before a committee of the American Senate.The second one is that these systems use Mk41 launchers, which can be used to launch either anti-ballistic missiles or nuclear missiles. The Radzikowo site, in Poland, is 800 km from the Russian border and 1,300 km from Moscow.

The Bush and Trump administrations said that the systems deployed in Europe were purely defensive. However, even if theoretically true, it is technically and strategically false. For the doubt, which allowed them to be installed, is the same doubt that the Russians could legitimately have in the event of a conflict. This presence in the immediate vicinity of Russia’s national territory can indeed lead to a nuclear conflict. For in the event of a conflict, it would not be possible to know precisely the nature of the missiles loaded in the systems—should the Russians therefore wait for explosions before reacting? In fact, we know the answer: having no early-warning time, the Russians would have practically no time to determine the nature of a fired missile and would thus be forced to respond pre-emptively with a nuclear strike.

Not only does Vladimir Putin see this as a risk to Russia’s security, but he also notes that the United States is increasingly disregarding international law in order to pursue a unilateral policy. This is why Vladimir Putin says that European countries could be dragged into a nuclear conflict without wanting to. This was the substance of his speech in Munich in 2007, and he came with the same argument early 2022, as Emmanuel Macron went to Moscow in February.

Finland and Sweden in NATO—A Good Idea?

The future will tell if Sweden’s and Finland’s decision to apply for NATO membership was a wise idea. They probably overstated the value of the nuclear protection offered by NATO. As a matter of fact, it is very unlikely that the US will sacrifice its national soil by striking Russian soil for the sake of Sweden or Finland. It is more likely that if the US engages nuclear weapons, it will be primarily on European soil and only as a last resort on Russian territory, in order to preserve its own territory from nuclear counter-strike.

Further, these two countries, which met the criteria of neutrality that Russia would want for its direct neighbors, deliberately put themselves in Russia’s nuclear crosshairs. For Russia, the main threat comes from the Central European theater of war. In other words, in the event of a hypothetical conflict in Europe, Russian forces would be engaged primarily in Central Europe, and could use their theater nuclear armies to “flank” their operations by striking the Nordic countries, with virtually no risk of a U.S. nuclear response.

Was it Impossible to Leave the Warsaw Pact?

The Warsaw Pact was created just after Germany joined NATO, for exactly the same reasons we have described above. Its largest military engagement was the invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 (with the participation of all Pact nations, except Albania and Romania). This event resulted in Albania withdrawing from the Pact less than a month later, and Romania ceasing to participate actively in the military command of the Warsaw Pact after 1969. Therefore, asserting that no one was free to leave the treaty is not correct.

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  1. Maybe this can help some democrats in the upcoming usa congressman midterms.

    Texas Right To Life Political Director Arrested For Soliciting A Minor
    Luke Bowen, was arrested for trying to solicit a child for sex. #txlege #GOPpedos

    Roger waters was  added to famous Nato/Ukranian
    Kill-Hit site 3 days ago, for speaking out against the war in Ukraine. A war that could possibly set off a major nuclear disaster and, start ww3

    View at

    The usa is  becoming more and more Weimar-like .
    You can see it around you.  Unabated homelessness. Working families unable to afford groceries, decent medical care or rent. Trillionaires with unlimited lobbying and political power, that pay no taxes.

    Our current situation, would be as bad, or worse under Trump. A power vacuum has been created , that leaves the needs of most millenials, and working people out.

    Ossified acquiescing , corporate democrats, that call themselves  liberals, have all but allied themselves, with radical white supremacist republicans.

    People are getting fed up with the  corporate duopoly in the usa. There is a political vacuum where a large portion of America has little or no representation or support.

    The  now radicalized republican party, is accomplishing its goals.

    The national socialists, in weimar germany, rose to power in the same way, with the aid of  ossified, acquiescing centrists, that were  beholden to the aristocracy and corporate power elites of germany.

    In spite of how violent and dysfunctional, things got with trump in power, just 2 years ago. It seems like the dnc democrats, and Corn Pop-Austerity Joe, want the now far- right republicans, to win in the  2022 midterms and again in 2024.

    Mitch McConnell says most republicans are behind sending billions, to the  Ukraine.  McConnell says, he will give Full bipartisan support to Bidens confrontation and Saber rattling against China, in Taiwan, with Nancy Pelosi.

    I’m sure that, if Trump were in power, he would flip to sending more money and arms, to the Ukarine because, trump is a serial liar and,  had more of the worst sort of neoconservative warmongers, like Bolton , Pompeo, and Abrams around him, than Biden does with blinken and kagan.

    Now the democrats are aligning themselves with trumps pathological angst against china.
    People forget about, the trade tarrifs Trump was imposing on China in 2017.  Remember the 2 naval confrontations with China under Trump, in the south China sea.

    Nixon and Kissinger instituted diplomatic exchanges
    with China in the seventies.
    Nixon’s  trip to China in the spring of 1972, ended a two-decades-long Chinese-American confrontation. 
    On January 31, 1979, Deng Xiaoping, China premier, post Mao, established diplomatic relations with the USA.

    China instituted a mixed-style, capitalist economy under Deng.  The cold War with China was mostly over.

    China is now, the world’s biggest economy.  China has a large, educated middle class and large employed, informed, working class. Most chines have little respect for Americans, in the usa or Americans, that visit China.

    At least a half million Chinese, rose up against two  proposed  nuclear power plants   and, a  plutonium reprocessing plant in the in  Jiangsu region, of china  post-fukushima, in 2016.  Thousands of Chinese took to the streets, in two separate cities, in China,  to protest new  proposed reactors and a used nuclear fuel plutonium processing plant, in their region in 2016.

    The central government in Bejing, backed down, and stopped the plutonium plant and reactors in those two regions in china.

    Meanwhile protests against large transcontinental, oil and gas pipelines on Indian reservations on private property and public land ,  are becoming criminalized in the usa.

    People  Protesting against frackin oil and gas, in their areas,  are being charged with felonies. Fracking causes radioactive pollution of radon, radium and uranium in  drinking water in towns where the fracking, is close too.

    So-called liberals of the democratic party, have joined Trump Republicans and,  the other  Republicans to start a hot, cold war with China, at the behest of core controlling neo-conservative elements in both parties. Their own country’s social and structural integrity,  is  becoming so degraded, that neither has much concern for our countries, larger population demographics, needs.
    So  they are  corrupt  and indifferent. Their incompetence and indifference  allows them to forget about domestic concerns and concentrate on dangerous international, military intrigue.

    The mid-2018, President Trump’s decision to wage a large-scale and comprehensive trade war against China  has contributed to the dangerous, neoconservative catalyzed  provocations,  of the current usa power elites,  against china.   It helped bring usa-Chinese relations, to its lowest point since the Chinese-American opening, in the early 1970s.
    We now have bipartisan support for the confrontations,  with both China and Russia.

    We are manipulated by a bought media, that talks out of both sides of its mouth. ABC, Newsweek, the nyt, cnbc, fox, npr say one thing one day and, the exact opposite the next.
    A christian prayer, billionaire,  just gave 1.6 billion dollars, to extremist dark money that will be used to try to manipulate us and to lie to us even more.

    Most of us are marionettes. The  others, are violent liars threatening us, with racist authoritarian domination.
    Dystopean usa.

    The best scenario, would be to prosecute the liar criminal Trump for the multiple charges, he is guilty of, before he destroys the usa and possibly the world and, for Biden Not, to run in 2024.
    The democracy we deserve

    Bidens Bipartinship
    Biden has  not saved the post office as I read in a bullshit ABC story, today. First of all, the post office, was never in trouble.  Biden has steadfastly  refused to fire the Trump appointed postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who really is, trying to destroy the Post Office and run it into the ground.

    Biden is shoveling billions into the Ukrainian quagmire .  The putrid geriatric team of    centrist, multimillionaire, aged leadership of the democratic party, supports throwing billions into neonazi ukraine a hundred percent. They also support ratcheting up tensions with china.

      There is 81 yo Nancy Pelosi, who is known for insider stock trading. There is   Diane Feinstein, the  83 yo alzeimers afflicted  senator from California, whose husband has bought several post office poperties, where she got the post offices closed,  so her crooked husband could buy up the government property and sell it for it for large profits.
    There is 82 yo Jim Clyburn, the black congressman from North Carolina, who got Biden to run against Bernie Sanders, at the last minute, as it looked like Bernie would get the nomination.  Clyburn golfed with the likes of Donald Trump and Clarence Thomas in the 80s and 90s.
    There is Octogenarian Steny Hoyer,   a democrats dnc insider,  House-second in charge, who doesn’t know where he is half the time  and, finally, Austerity Jo Biden, the  79 yo president.

    They are doing their best to start a war with China. The Republicans are  actively supporting their warmonger, activity.
    None of them were happy, with a single front confrontation, with one nuclear power .  Our leadership on both sides, are supporting  two front confrontations, with 2 nuclear powers. 

    Austerity Joe Biden, is a  barely competent liar. He promised a national health care system. Biden promised to forgive all student loans. He got rid of the child tax credit for working class Americans like my son..

    Austerity Joe, is ONE of  the architects, of the   war on drugs with Reagan, in the 1980s. Joseph Biden was one of the architects, of americas current incarceration nation, in the late 80s and 90s . 
    Biden  Supported the Iraq war. He was best friends, with the notorious white supremacist Republican Jesse Helms, while he  was in the senate, with Helms for almost 2 decades

    Biden, wants to put a hundred thousand cops in the streets. He wants this instead  of dealing,  directly, with the  out out of control rentier-hyperfinancialized economy, and the grossly, inequitable tax system that is unfairly burdensome to young, the working class, and the middle class. His answer to dealing with a failing society, is to put anyone in jail who gets out of line.
    Austerity Joe, has a paranoidal,  delusional nemesis like  Dinsdale Pirrana did, with SPINEY NORMAN,  from the MONTY python sketch.
    Austerity Joe’s, famous paranoid delusion, is a Black crack dealer, from the 1980s who supposedly lived in baltimore. Biden  CALLS his delusion,, CORN POP. Biden always brings corn pop up, when democrats or Republicans start talking about Marijuana legalization or, when he wants to put 10s of thousands of more cops in the streets as he did with Clinton, when they instigated their infamous, ugly welfare reform austerity on poor black women and single mothers.

    Bidens current cop hiring frenzy is, Ata time  when people need relief more than ever  and, not more Austerity or cops. His answer to our major societal and economic predicaments, are more cops on our asses, and expensive foreign war entanglements that fuel inflation and risk nuclear war.

    Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Biden, Clyburn, Steny Hoyer, Blinken the neoconservative warmonger, the rest of the Ossified and conservative, corrupt DNC leadership and now Mitch McConnell and all his repuklicans hacks, are actively  lobbying fo shovel billions of more dollars to neonazi ukraine. This is going on as American working people, in this dysfunctional  country, can’t afford groceries or rent, and have barely effective overpriced healthcare. A country where homelessness, poverty, inflation ,  are rampant. Where 100 million americans are so overburdened by medical debt, that they are on the verge of bankrupsy.
    The mother night negro,  conservative rich ossified,  82 yo Jim Clyburn,  was CLARENCE THOMAS’S GOLFING BUDDY,    JIM CLYBURN from NC.
    Clyburn rigged the democratic primaries in 2020, so Bernie Sanders would LOSE in NC and started  sliding down in the primaries, when he had been on a roll and  was closing in on  the Democratic presidential primary for 2020.
    Clyburn and his cronies in the dnc, placed a far-out lie, in the mainstream media, just before Sanders lost, in North Carolina.
    The confabulation, was that Biden had protested with young blacks in South Africa in the 1970s, to get Nelson Mandela out of jail.
    They unleashed this whopper, before, they rigged the North Carolina democratic primary to knock Sanders out of the running.
    Most Americans did not even pay attention to that fishy malarkey.

    So it looks like the climate-change denying, Republicans are likely to take the house, and follow through with their plans, for taking over more control over state election commissions and getting more republican secretaries state, so they can assume control over more state voting mechanisms to repress voting and knock more legitimate voters off the voters roles.

    Good work Joe and Nancy.

    Comment by Terry Southard | August 25, 2022 | Reply

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