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Is Ukraine ready for another Chernobyl-like catastrophe? – Paul Dorfman

Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of shelling Zaporizhzhia. Now,
International atomic energy agency team will visit Zaporizhzhia. Still the
question arises, is Ukraine ready for another Chernobyl-like catastrophe?
Paul Dorfman at 3.57

 WION 20th Aug 2022

August 21, 2022 - Posted by | safety, Ukraine

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  1. Donald Trump never saw a.nuclear arms treaty, that he did not want to abrogate. Trump loves nuclear power and brags about how he would like to use a tactical nuclear weapon. He once suggested, using a nuclear bomb to stop a hurricane. So called objectivists and fascists are in total agreement with these goals especially w regard to more nuclear power.

    Some of the so called, cs roots of what are called, trumps progressivism and academic philosophy, masking as moral imperatives.

    Many of the dolts, that follow Trump have never read much. Especially ayn rand but, they mouth the words of payed think tankers and moral-mental midgets that promote the faux liberal philosophies the proclaim

    If it were up to ayn rand and Ron Paul,workers and engineers, would not have a pension or health insurance. There is a big difference between the humanist, enlightenment Era,   civil Libertarian Philosophies of John Locke or Adam Smith and ayn rand cultists. Or The libertarianism of aldous Huxley, Frank Zappa, and the fascist ideological, cult of ayn rand, that most people think is libertarianism.
    I live a state, away from Ron Paul. Ron Paul, is the racist , once atheist, and now self proclaimed Christian psychopath and ayn rand fascist- ideologue that is one of the smarter, yet more duplicitous supporters of Donald Trump. I have been driven by his lakefront mansion.
    I bring blankets to the small fleabag homeless shelter run by criminals pulled of the street tonnage , Christian salvation army, close to here . An elderly homeless lady said she tried to stay at that fleabag shelter,  and a sexual predator who helped manage the place, held a knife to her throat, and raped her. The place is run by the worst serial predator offenders, they could find off the streets. It  is not anything like the projection of the friendly volunteer bellringing, salvation army people, you see on Christmas, outside of walmart. Homelessness and poverty are profligate in the usa now and that is what ayn rand zealots, like elon musk, bezos, Peter Thiel adore about ayn Rands philosophy and the disintegrating dystopian, state of the usa today.

    I read part of the Fountain head, and Atlas Shrugged. Ure drudgery, it was. The Tea Party seems to worship with the same the drivel and psycho slut, with the reverence they use to  worship their right wingJesus Christ Projection. Its  ironic, because Rand was an atheist and her values diametrically opposed to Christianity. Wacko conservative twits in recent years have twisted Rand’s ugly philosophy of selfishness , objectivism,  into their “Christian” right-wing political agenda, and Bill O’Reilly even went so far to say that Jesus would not want to help the poor and homeless because it’s their own fault they don’t have enough to eat. These right wing fuss, fascists  and psycho politicians never stop to think that the poor and homeless who were Jesuss disciples and friends, not the rich and powerful. Rand believed that empathy and altruism were the greatest evils to beset mankind. Her childhood hero was a serial killer. She said she liked the way his mind worked and maturbated to a newspaper Pic of him

    Czar of all the Rationalists

    Ayn Rand. Most people have heard of her these days. Author of such inexplicably widely-read novels, really, barely-disguised political diatribes . Like The Fountainhead and  atlas shrugged. Her books are currently enjoying something  a boom among those who  the idiot trumpets, that can half read who believe they would be in the self-righteous community of Atlases at Galt’s Gulch. The novels themselves are of only long, melodramatic and mediocrely written. Tss the philosophy at the core of the novels which that violent moronic lowbrow attach themselves too.

    Numerous conservative thinkers  have lauded Rand as a philosopher, few academic institutions include Rand or Objectivism as a philosophical discipline. Conservatives and fascists, tend to believe that the academic humanists, decry Rand due to her anti-mixed economy, pro-kroney, capitalist slant. Like much of the writings of conservatives who presume to know what nonfascist liberals and humanitarians, think it gives any liberals and humanists, more power than the academic humanists, have had in decades.
    It assumes that the humanists and the opposition to rightwing wackos,, was universally pro-communist and anti-capitalist, something which has never been true. Many of the enlightenment liberal thinkers like John’s Locke or even Adam Smith for that matter would.say that what , Rand was saying anything worth studying.
    Rand’s philosophy, was the same defence of endless greed which mankind has been engaged in for eternity, the same attempt to place a moral cover on pure selfishness that has long been pursued by any number of exploiters down the centuries.
    Nietzche was, pilloried for saying
    God is dead, Rand is lauded for effectively saying , the self is God. There is nothing new here, except for the self-delusion that allows so many professed Christians to adhere to a philosophy that glorifies greed. There is  a cult-like deification of Rand by her followers and swarming, by those who dare criticise her .   A lot like Scientology and the current fuko cult

    The name for those who hold that the only moral consideration is the happiness of the self is narcissism. They see humanitarianism, as weakness, view selfishness as the only virtue. They are Psychopaths.

    Contrary to popular belief, the psychopath is not automatically violent. Psychopath is defined by a near-complete lack of empathy. Robert Hare , who created the widely used Hare Psychopathy Checklist,  describes psychopaths as intraspecies predators, who use a combination of charisma, manipulation, intimidation, sexuality and violence to satisfy their own desires.
      Human qualities of conscience, empathy, remorse or guilt are either completely absent or extremely limited .
    The psychopath is not necessarily violent. Indeed, many are not because their lives have never placed them in a position, where violence was the only means to satisfy their desires.

    Many businessmen and many politicians profile as psychopaths because they exhibit the core characteristics .
    Ayn Rand should also be considered a psychopath.

    Hare’s checklist lists certain personality factors as indicative of psychopathy. The average person will perhaps exhibit one or, at most, two. The psychopath will exhibit all but one or two.

    In no particular order, these items are: Glibness and superficial charm.
    Ayn rand died of cancer from cigarettes. She pushed cigarette smoking, as something, every patriotic American should buy and do. She was on Medicare, Social Security and local welfare when she died.
    After her writings became popular, Rand collected  a group of cultists who virtually worshipped her. The Shallow affection, the psychopath’s charm is only ever superficial.
    As one comes to know and understand the psychopath more fully, the charm which initially attracted one to them is revealed as only skin-deep. In this, Rand was entirely textbook. She was described by most who knew her best as a bitter, friendless child who grew into an equally bitter and acidic woman. She wrote a book about her worship of a serial killer, whom she said she masturbated, over. That is something Ted Bundy, would admire.

    Grandiose sense of self-worth  certainly fits Rand. A wman who names her beliefs Objectivism is  a belief that any reasoning person who observes the objective truths of the world would necessarily come to full agreement with her is a core manipulation and graft, that she used.
    Her little cult required to members memorise her works  . People who criticised it were called imbcilic and , anti-life if they asked questions simply seals the deal. Her sincere belief was that thinking freely would automatically lead to total agreement with her views. Thinking freely really meant, swallowing her, tepid, chickenshit fascist authoritarian drivel, hook line and sinker.

    She ruthless policed her cult . Her orwellian  use of the thought is misnomer for authoritarian fascist,do as I say or hit the road.

    Her pathological lying  was not so bad but she did say Medicare was evil and pathologically lied about getting it. Ronny baby Paul supports Trump, to the maximum which shows what a lying stupid sack of shit he is.

    Lack of remorse or guilt and lack of empathy could be described as Ayn Rand syndrome. The core of her  philosophy .  In one of her books, her hero,, Howard Roark, blows up a housing project he designed when a minor alteration is made and then orders the jury to acquit him . The fact that, as an architect, Roark was presumably contracted for his work and therefore, it wasn’t his , piddles all over the supposed respect for property ayn rand was supposed to have. Real psychotic shit.  In the Fountainhead, Roark rapes a leading female character, and Rand defends his crime because it gets him what he wants.

    In Atlas Shrugged,her ode to the super-rich  imagines them going on strike against billionaires paying taxes. Rand describes the rest of the world , the slaves and workers,, as savages, refuse and imitations of living beings.

    On of her characters strikers engineers a train crash. Rand makes it clear that she believes the murdered victims deserved their fate because they supported taxation of the rich. Most of the super rich currently pay no taxes
    “RANDS books are stewing hymn of Nietzchean will-to-power, misanthropy, failure to understand economics, feudalism and sexual politics verging on the obscene, is how an original book.critic characterized Atlas shrugged”. Her heroes spend their time  insisting that they are the heroic producers and that  labor is subhuman genetically  flawed garbage..
      She bemoaned that others do not worship parasitic billionaires.
    In her spare time, Rand was an admirer of serial killer William Hickman, whose crimes were brutal even by serial killer standards. She described him, as a brilliant, unusual, exceptional boy, other people do not exist for him and he does not see why they should. Rand considered this worthy of praise.

    Finally, on the personality factor of ppsychopathology,   The Failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Based on snippets her life story, it was known.that one of her boyfriends, Nathaniel Branden found another partner.
    Rand blamed him rather than herself , for her increasingly poisonous views. People shouldn’t sympathise with Rand as injured party too much here..Rand was herself marriedto a cuckold . She was  cruel enough to have an affair when married and when the affair ended so she blamed her problems n the boyfriend. In pursuing  the only duty of the superman ,  to please himself, Branden was acting according to Rand’s ideals and she should have applauded him. She once said the USA should be a democracy of superiors, with superior being defined as adhering to her philosophy or being a crass materialist and.crook.

    A system like that, wouldn’t be democracy at all . It would be an oligarchy and ielitist. Most all of her followers’ claim to despise elitism.

    One doesn’t need to work very hard to diagnose Rand. Her life and writings are a vivid,  picture of psychopathy that  clear and obvious . Rand was a nut who refused therapy. A  dangerous psycho as  her philosophy was and, is.

    Rand died alone except for a hired nurse. Her deranged views drove away anyone who might have been close to her. Like L. Ron Hubbard, her lunatic ideas have spawned a cult that would turn all of us into happy little psychopaths; a cult that includes many of the world’s foremost economists, politicians and fascists like.all of the Fox News hosts and  Tucker Carlson
      Like George Orwell, Rand imagined a dystopian world characterised by the powerful’s exploitation of the rest of us.. Unlike Orwell, Rand wanted to live there.

    Hare Psychopathy Checklist (Original) (PCL-22)

    Comment by Terry Southard | August 22, 2022 | Reply

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