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TODAY. Russia and Ukraine blame each other. Whom to believe?

My natural inclination is to not believe either of them. They’re both putting out propaganda, sure to include many lies.

The big issue right now is the danger around the Zaporizhzhia (or Zaporozhye) nuclear power station – the largest in Europe, which is being shelled by artillery. The Ukrainians say that Russia is doing this. The Russians say that it’s the Ukrainianians.

Of course, we being good Anglophone news absorbers, we are obliged to believe that the Russians are shelling Zaporizhzhia , a place where they are now in control. We have to believe that it is always the Russians’ fault, otherwise we are pretty much traitorous, (and our publications like this one, will be censored and erased from Google Search)

The picture above shows the Zaporizhzhia NPP and its huge collection of nuclear wastes. No wonder that Mr Grossi, head of IAEA security is tearing his hair out in anxiety over this perilous situation.

Now I, (treacherously) think that it is the Ukrainians who are shelling the nuclear station. They do have a motive, as they are desperate to get it back under Ukrainian control. But why would the Russians want to attack the place, where they’re already in control? “In order to discredit Ukraine” – say Zelensky and co. Gimme a break. The Rusians may be awful etc etc, but they;re not stupid.

August 10, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. I have been to ukraine. Half of the ukrainians are, racist neo-nazi devils and banderites. Don’t believe the spin in the media. They even have Jewish and zionist converts, like zelensky.. A third of the people in Ukraine have kids w birth defects. That is true.. I saw it.. David Duke got a PhD, in racist studies from University of Ukraine in west Ukraine. Duke is he former usa kkk grand wizard. What other country even does that The? The Russians are racist, nuke ape, russian orthodox fascists, not as blatantly racist and evil.
    The stupid  Europeans, are doing nothing to Broker a deal . Biden and nato are adding fuel to the fire, as Ukrainians shell, the largest worst nuke complex in the world. The rivers in France are dried up. 26 reactors in France shut down from the heat. France is in trouble as well.
    As if chernobyl was not bad enough, 2 or more reactors blowing up at zaprozia will finish any plans for civilization in Europe. Ukraine is a highly contaminated radionuclide, damaged nation in serious decay.  I seems, they care about nothing anymore. What is even more surprising, is that the Europeans, don’t seem to care. Mass psychosis and preoccupation w money.
    In the usa brutal murderous morons like Trump is allowed to be funded by outsiders. Trillionaire weirdos, like Peter Thiel, the fascist, self loathing  homosexual, in Germany, funds a lying psychopath, criminal brute w an iq of 95 , Donald Trump.

    Charlottesville reckons with trauma 5 years after a deadly white supremacist rally. 1 girl murdered by nazis

    Nobody in the usa gives a damn. If they do try civil war as Trump threatens, it will be organized urban insurrections, in places like Wisconsin the south. There would likely be racist lynching,  like when Trump was in power. Various ethnic groups, would arm themselves and fight back to protect themselves and their children. These people, are just mindless evil zombie, rat fukers.

    The usas, embattled hole ridden, old nuclear, reactors would start blowing in the usa. That will be it for their evil, illgotten, civil war and, life in the usa.
    Charlemagne Banes the planted twitter bot queen, loves Trump. Most Americans are pretty confused and silly these days.

    Comment by Dmitry Orlone | August 15, 2022 | Reply

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