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TODAY. My Trumpian dilemma

Here’s my dilemma.

The last thing I want to do is to promote the cause of Donald Trump

BUT – on some matters -the Trumpians might be right, and telling the truth!

We are now brainwashed by the corporate media into a religious belief that Ukraine and Taiwan are good, and Russia and China are evil.

Anyone who says otherwise is a stooge of Russian and Chinese ”disinformation. Right?

The pro Trump forces are going allout to blame and damage Joe Biden and his administration. I keep getting stuff from the non-corporate media. And some of it is in colourful and extreme language. And I know that some of it is from the Trumpians.

My problem is that in some of the Trumpian propaganda – the facts have a disturbing habit of sounding like they’re true.

No – I do not want to support Trump’s ambitions. But yes, I do want the truth to come out. Especially about Ukraine and Taiwan. And the West is hiding it.

August 8, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes


  1. I have exactly the same dilemna. Trump is a crook, a smooth crook, but one thing he is not is a war hawk. Unlike the U.S. democrats, the Clinton clique, obama, Biden, Pelosi, etc who have sold their souls to the weapon industrial complex.

    Comment by dunrenard | August 9, 2022 | Reply

  2. .. Then the trup fascist would get into power and do the exact opposite, like biden. Rabid China haters. Anyone who is sympathetic to Trump and Trump supporters is silly. It’s like being sympathetic to small reactor builders or Lucy in Charley brown. They wil always pull the ball away before u can kick it. Trumpets say onething and do the other like Biden. You are entitled to your opinion but this sounds like a replay of what happened before 2016. Fascists are infamous pathological liars who say anything to get what they want while preaching kill all the blacks and jews at their rallies. Trump was on the verge of starting a war w Iran who is a China, Russia ally. This is such nonsense because I live in the usa and have to struggle w the legacy of Trump and lies of Biden every day. Yesterday a Trump thing threatened to beat the tar out of me because I called him out on talking crap about people because, of the color of their skin. Screw Trump. Go vote for la pen, dun if u think these malevolent pigs believe anything they say. Look at twitter or people’s party or green party or progressive peoples voices . Why does everything political in the usa to be about two serial liars Biden and trump? I’m sorry I just get sick of it after decades of it

    Comment by Terry Southard | August 9, 2022 | Reply

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