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The Anti-China Brainwashing Is Working: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Caitlin Johnstone 2 Aug 22, If someone criticizing the most dangerous agendas of the most powerful and destructive government on earth looks like “Russian propaganda” or “Chinese propaganda” to you, it’s because you yourself have been brainwashed by propaganda.

The western propaganda campaign against China is succeeding, even among many who consider themselves anti-war or critical of establishment power. Whatever sick future agendas they’re manufacturing consent for, they’ll be able to roll right on out. People’s brains are turning to soup.

The best case scenario for Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit — the absolute best case — is that it ratchets up cold war tensions with China that threaten us all and benefit ordinary people in no way. The worst case scenario is as bad as anything you can possibly imagine.

So why are we being told that it’s still happening? Well, as Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp reminded us a few months ago, one major factor is that it facilitates US military expansionism geared toward encirclement strategies against China.

“The United States no longer sees Taiwan as a ‘problem’ in our relations with China, we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Raymond Greene, the deputy director of the de facto US embassy in Taipei, said last year.

Imagine if the Democratic Party fought against Republicans as hard as they fight against world peace……..

Taiwan is a US military asset, not a US ally. That’s a very significant difference that everyone, especially the Taiwanese, would do well to keep in mind………

It’s a safe bet that a minority of Americans could find Taiwan on a map, and that of these the overwhelming majority believe it’s just some island nation that China randomly decided it hates…….

There needs to be a major war every generation or two, otherwise peace becomes normalized and becomes the expectation. If you allow that to happen then war begins to stand out against expected norms like the freakish abomination that it is, and militarism looks insane.

They use propaganda to facilitate war, but they also use war to facilitate propaganda. Keeping the wars going helps the propaganda machine spin war as something normal and expected and to be continuously prepared for. It acts as an immunosuppressant against the public’s natural, healthy rejection of war. The more normalized war becomes, the more suppressed our collective immune system’s rejection of it becomes.

War is the absolute worst thing in the world. It’s the most insane thing humans do. The most destructive. The least sustainable. The most conducive to human suffering. Only by very aggressive narrative management can the public be dissuaded from insisting on peace…………………..

Westerners are only encouraged to contemplate the horrors of war when it is someone else’s war.

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  1. Both the right wing political parties, that run things in the usa, mouth dreamy platitudes, about the Americans defeat of Nazi Germany in world War two, while empowering   right-wing, state capitalism. The Republicans and Democrats.
    The Republican’s are now, an extremist white nationalist party. They are proud of it. The democrats seem to be trying to outflank the Republicans, in their viciousness, at this point. Not a humanitarian bone in the leadership of either party.
       The Democrats and the Republican’s, are both procorporate war-monger and imperialist, party’s. Each supports, massive nuclear and conventional armament.
         Some Republicans are dishonest about their support for the war in Ukraine.  In private these Republican politicians are disingenuous liars, heavily funded by the military-industrial-complex. These dishonest leaders, would whole-heartedly support the Ukraine, proxy-war, while trying to spin it the other way. Trump completely back-tracked about his real-politic support of NATO, once in power. He allowed a genocide of the kurds, by the turks. He  backed the Saudi Arabians and took bribes from them.. He allowed the, Iran nuclear deal, to fall through.
       Trump embellished Zionism. Not all Jews are Zionists. He talked out of both side of his mouth, while bragging about his support of Israel, as many of his crazy followers denounce Jewish people, deny the holocaust, and say things, that would have made Hermann Goering blush!
       The democrats and republicans support wars for oil. Part of the Ukraine-Proxy War, is about a war about oil profits, for the Russians. The Iraq war, was an oil war, that had bipartisan support. Almost a million Iraqis killed. Iraq continues to be unstable. Both the republicans and democrats, continue to militarily and financially support, the Saudis horrendous war, on Yemen.
      Neither party cares about climate change or, nuclear disarmament. Biden has done  little to repair the terrible damage, Trump did to world nuclear arms treaties.
       Both parties want to privatize and cut Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits, Education and, get rid of the Post Office, at a time when they are needed the most in the USA. It comes down  to their rich benefactors, having  more. More money so, that  Wall-street hedge fund billionaires,  can  speculate with social security funds and run it into the ground as Pinochet did in Chile.
        More taxpayer money, so  oligarchs can further destroy the health care system in the usa and,  peoples access to it.
    The government continues to massively subsidize the oil companies with cheap oil leases, tax windfalls, and by allowing them to price-gouge usa families.
    The usa federal government has accumulated a 30 trillion dollar debt. A debt incurred  because   of wars for oil and a bloated military-industrial complex..  Meanwhile the oligarchs get richer, property falls into the hands of fewer people, the people suffer. Rents have  become more unreasonable, there  is escalating poverty and homelessness.
    Almost fifty percent of Americans were homeless during the Great depression, of the thirties at one time or another, in the thirties.. These scummy politicians,  are fetishizing the great depression, Hitler’s rise, and the workup to worldwar 2. They don’t really care about the miserable conditions that led to the great depression, or the loathing and depravity that the American people experienced and are experiencing now.
       In 2022, after a nasty economy-crushing, pandemic, Wages continue to be stagnant wages in the usa. Wages have have been stagnant in the usa, since Reagan was in power. They were stagnant, when Bush was in power. The 2008 housing crisis occured and, the government bailed out the banking industry for trillions.  Rents are sky-high. Inflation is off the scales.
    Nancy Pelosi is  flying off to Taiwan, to terrorize the Chinese. She is probably  going to Taiwan, to increase the value of the millions of dollars of national security stocks and, military industrial complex stocks, her and her husband have amassed, through shady insider trading, and manipulations of Wall Street.
    The minimum wage in the usa is a measly 7.25 dollars an hour, while rents for even small studios,  are a thousand a month. People can barely survive, making 15 dollars an hour..
    Young people and all other working people are falling behind, in their ability to survive. There are a hundred million people, in the usa with financial-crushing medical debt. Several million with student-loan debt. Many with student loan debt have medical debt.
    The democrats and Republicans allow the fed to raise interest rates, because of  inflation,  caused by price gouging corporations and oil companies.  Half of the people in the USA, are barely making it. Bidens solution is to give 37 billions to get a hundred thousand  cops. They will   clear the streets of homeless people. More cops to shoot and incarcerate poor people and, people of color. Nine hundred to a thousand people a year die at the hands of cops in the USA. Mostly poor people and people of color.
    Many of those involved in the January 6, racist coup attempt, are cops. Both parties want to give billions to the Ukraine, billions to make more nuclear bombs and make things worse at home.

    View at

    The republicans are now  a right-wing racist and fascist, political party. The republicans extremist-demagogue leaders,  are proud of their white-nationalist, authoritarian agenda. The democrats continue to collude and  enable them.
       The magaists, and many other republicans are blatantly genocidal to black people .  Most republicans  want to revise history about American slavery, apartheid, and the  repression of African Americans. 
    They are actively bragging about suppressing democracy. People like DeSantis in Florida and Abbott in Texas,   have taken active steps to restrict many group’s rights. They have banned books on black slavery and had them taken off the shelves in libraries. The rights of women,  people of color, religious groups, poor people, working people, and non-religious people are being progressively repressed and, destroyed.
    The democrats don’t seem to give a diddlysquat, about the plight of most people in the usa these days. The democrats are colluding with the  white-nationalist Republicans against elderly people and working people in the USA.
    Republicans have come together as a far-right, white nationalist party.   They make no sense because, so many of them claim to be pro-israel(an apartheid state), while denouncing and racializing  Jewish people as a whole. Judaism is a religion and not a race.    This is the same thing Hitler did. And yet some of them fetishize ww2. It’s double think. The big lie about an election between a racist criminal and a corporate puppet.
    Trump was very close to nuking Iranian reactor, using a  plan setup by Bush and  Cheney to use a tactical nuclear weapon on the Iranian reactor in the mountains.. Trump is an insane bastard. Trump will  probably will use nukes, when reelected. Biden is putting pressure on Iran and not trying to renew the USA-Iran nuclear agreement, that Obama brokered and trump broke.  Biden is truly a  sleazy old scumbag.

    Propaganda is lies enduring.

    Comment by Kelly Lemioux | August 2, 2022 | Reply

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