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Baseload nuclear power not needed in an all-renewable future – Claverton Energy Research Group

Sizewell C is much more expensive and slower to build than proven and
reliable alternative low carbon solutions say elite Energy Think Tank

Latest Research – Baseload generators such as nuclear power plants are
not needed in an all-renewable future and their use will almost certainly
increase overall costs to consumers says elite Claverton Energy Group of

Professor Mark Barrett, from UCL, who has modeled the comparative
costs of nuclear and renewable power, using hour-by-hour wind and solar
data with 35 years of weather data , said: “Nuclear power is more
expensive and slower to build than renewables, particularly offshore wind.

7 GW of wind will generate about 40% more electricity than Hinkley at about
30-50% of the cost per kWh and will be built in half the time. Neither wind
nor nuclear plant operates all the time, so both will need backup. Modeling
shows the total cost of a renewable generation to be less than nuclear and
to be just as able to provide continuous power even with wind and solar

 Claverton Energy Group 20th July 2022

July 22, 2022 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, ENERGY

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