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Sizewell C- an ill-judged nuclear project

Roy Pumfrey, Stop Hinkley spokesperson. In his excellent article on
the plight of the Minsmere reserve in Suffolk in the face of EDF’s plan to
build a nuclear reactor, Sizewell C, next door (“Will new nuclear plant
soon loom over haven where harriers, avocets and bitterns fly free?”,
News), Robin McKie refers to Hinkley Point C.

Here in Somerset, EDF is
struggling to build a reactor with 6,000 workers, soon ramping up to 8,500.
This is a last desperate throw of the dice in the face of a shocking
underestimate of the complexity of the construction. Numbers matter as the
strain these extra people put on local resources causes them to buckle.
Property prices are rocketing. Where else would you find a town like
Bridgwater with 40,000 residents and seven new hotels?

What will happen to
those hotels when the workforce shrinks to the bare 900 required to run
Hinkley C? EDF says it will learn lessons from building Hinkley C when it
goes to Sizewell.

Funny, that’s exactly what it said it would do at
Hinkley, learning from its ill-fated Flamanville project in France. Sadly,
the lessons are that the reactor will be massively over budget and
terminally delayed. It’s not just the birds at Minsmere that will suffer if
Sizewell C goes ahead.

Observer 10th July 2022


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