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8 billion morons on an orbiting sewer – World population rises as quality of life crashes ByPaul Wallis, July 12, 2022

The human race as usual is growing beyond its means. So are pollution, poverty, resources unreliability, environmental degradation, and arguably, insanity. Mismanagement is the norm, madness is the default policy for anything to do with human survival.

This idiotic, system-less approach to global management guarantees failure. 8 billion people will be living in this obscenity of a world by the end of this year. Assuming there’s not a nuclear war or some other fun option.

The current state of play is:

  • Global poverty is euphemized by statistics. Poverty doesn’t have a dollar number. What you can’t afford is the definition.  22% of the world’s population lives in “multidimensional poverty”, a wonderful expression. That includes 644 million children, according to World Vision, see the link.
  • Global pollution news is consistently bad and getting worse. All the talk has achieved precisely nothing. Air pollution is truly horrendous. That’s largely due to skank governments deregulating everything and corporate trash enabling endless breaches of laws with the full support of politicians. Filtering any sort of emission is cheap and easy; but it’s not done. Nor are effluents managed at all well, if at all.
  • Education news by any global measure is truly repulsive. The failures are constant. The West is leading the charge to fatally-dumbed-down with decades of bad calls degrading education to a meaningless abstract. Obscenely overpriced colleges, “education poverty”, and backward-moving US education policies making teachers’ lives impossible in particular aren’t helping.
  • The World Economic Forum asks the interesting if unnecessary question of whether 8 billion people can get equal opportunity. Short answer, the idea of equal opportunity is a luxury to a very large percentage of the world’s population.  They’ve never had it, and an overstrained economy can’t give it to them.
  • Cost of living has exactly one consistent characteristic throughout history – Most people can’t afford it. The rising population is a ticket to disaster in this regard. The theory of supply and demand is the problem. Create a demand which can’t possibly be supplied, make sure people can’t afford what they need, and this is what happens. Dumb as dumb can be.
  • Health is truly insane, thanks to Big Pharma and a lot of parasitic things in health systems. Costs are simply inaccessible. That’s not news; it’s now an institutionalized reality in the US and getting worse. Add politicized pandemics, anti-vax lunatics, and waiting times of years, and everything’s just ducky. Even the idea of universal health care is now a “leftist” thing.
  • Housing – The four-letter word of the 21st century so far. Nothing is being done right, if anything is done at all, and it usually isn’t.
  • The environment –  No good news at all on this front. At this rate, the environment which gave humanity a chance to exist won’t exist itself. Well done, morons. The sheer buildup of unregulated toxins is getting worse by the second, but hey, you like being sick and poisoned and poor, right? Bacteria are smarter than that. The difference is that they can prove it

The science of failure

To totally screw future generations, all you need are:

  • Truly mediocre economic management.
  • Totally unsystematic knee-jerk social management.
  • Obsolete political “ideologies” which achieve nothing at all.
  • Non-policies that do nothing for the future.
  • Total economic instability, like the last 2 decades.
  • Crashing societies and never fixing them.
  • Total refusal to even recognize the needs of future generations.
  • Inability to comprehend future tech and extremely high potential values.

These alone will guarantee the global population hits a truly hideous wall. You can’t survive without what you need to survive. This odd coincidence apparently hasn’t reached the exalted excremental intellects of whatever’s claiming to manage this dunghill of a world.

…But wait! There’s more!



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