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TODAY. NATO-USA militarily encircling Russia, China. – the world?

Uncannily like the buildup to World War 1, European nations are enthusiastically arming themselves and amassing troops, like the new permanent U.S. bases for Poland. And, of course, the big winners, the only winners, are the weapons corporations. The goal is to encircle Russia.

NATO leads the pack, becoming more bloated and belligerent as it draws in Finland and Sweden. The G7 now becomes NATO’s lackey.

We feared the impulsive and blustering President Trump. But President Biden is being just as tactlessly war-mongering – only a little more polite in manner. Australia got rid of its ignorant and bullying Prime Minister Morrison. But his replacement, PM Albanese, is effectively joining in with USA’s militarism, just more politely in manner.

But now the goal is to militarily encircle not only Russia, but China, too . Forget just the ”North Atlantic” – now it’s the Pacific too, and South Pacific. And NATO ls now creating this new enemy – joint Russia-China.

As with WW1 – the only winners are the weapons corporations, happily amassing $billions, including for nuclear weapons – the boys getting lots of those shiny new toys – and just the hope that they don’t actually use them

July 2, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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