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Marc Jacobson: No miracle tech needed: How to switch to renewables now andlower costs doing it.

Marc Jacobson: No miracle tech needed: How to switch to renewables now and
lower costs doing it.
The world is experiencing unprecedented fuel price
increases, energy blackmail between countries, up to 7 million air
pollution deaths per year worldwide and one climate-related disaster after

Critics contend that a switch to renewable energy to solve these
problems will create unstable electricity grids and drive prices up

However, a new study from my research group at Stanford University
concludes that these problems can be solved in each of the 145 countries we
examined — without blackouts and at low cost using almost all existing

The study concludes that we do not need miracle technologies
to solve these problems. By electrifying all energy sectors; producing
electricity from clean, renewable sources; creating heat, cold, and
hydrogen from such electricity; storing electricity, heat, cold and the
hydrogen; expanding transmission; and shifting the time of some electricity
use, we can create safe, cheap and reliable energy everywhere.

The biggest
reason for the cost reduction is that a clean, renewable energy system uses
much less energy than does a combustion-based energy system. In fact,
worldwide the energy that people actually use goes down by over 56 percent
with an all-electric system powered by clean, renewable sources.

The reduction is for five reasons: the efficiency of electric vehicles over
combustion vehicles, the efficiency of electric heat pumps for air and
water heating over combustion heaters, the efficiency of electrified
industry, eliminating energy needed to obtain fossil fuels, as well as some
efficiency improvements beyond what is expected.

The Hill 28th June 2022

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