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TODAY. NATO keen to get everybody against Russia and China

Yeah – Putin’s been bragging about being the new Peter the Great. Xi’s made himself President for life. Biden’s there for only a limited period – but then you have to have the backing and the funding of the wealthy war-mongerers to get to be U.S. President.

NATO used to be the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. But now it’s the Global everywhere war preparation organisation. To read the mainstream media, you really would think that the whole world was gearing up to fight Russia and China.

And yet….. in Europe Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Cyprus Finland (not yet) Ireland Kosovo Malta Moldova Monaco San Marino Serbia Sweden (not yet) Switzerland are not NATO members.

Meanwhile The countries of the Non-Aligned Movement represent nearly two-thirds of the United Nations’ members and contain 55% of the world population.  (pale blue on map indicates observer status)

Currently every one of the 53African countries (except South Sudan and Western Sahara) is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement. 36 Asian countries are members. In the Pacific, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu are members. 20 other countries have observer status

Then there are the BRICS countries  Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

No – everybody doesn’t have to join NATO, or be aligned with NATO. And it’s possible that some of the countries that have signed up are not to keen to keep on buying costly weaponry from USA, UK, Germany . and might be having second thoughts about getting stuck in endless warfare.


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  1. Reality is that which it does not go away no matter what the Supreme Court says

    Dangerous nuclear plants in florida

    15 to 22 hurricanes this year on the east and Gulf coast’s

    Miami already flooding

    8.3 million houses at risk this year in the usa from hurricanes

    Wildfires and.cancer
    More wildfires and cancer

    Wildfires are increasing cancer rates in the country.

    Young people, are getting  it. Things are getting chaotic and, in the face of  worldwide pollution, climate change, and unhinged class politics aimed at protecting corporations from responsibility, for environmental malfeasance.

    This is  where the rich and corporations  are using money and power, to extend malfeasance for direct liability of climate change,   away from themselves. They have poured billions into dark money sites, through the Koch and others, to politicize the Supreme Court and destroy democracy.

    It is being done through radical rightwing politics and, a captured corporate, right wing, usa supreme court. The United States Supreme court, just ruined the new green deal,  by allowing unlimited coal and fossil emmisions, with no liability to corporate polluters. When a nuke plant goes up, and half the country is on fire, with multiple hurricane ravageded areas people, will not be able to deny radical climate change much anymore.
    Cancer rates are climbing.
    The corporations and elite classes know there are not the resources or space, for much more exploitation and unsustainable pollution to live on this planet, the way we live anymore.

    Climate change is becoming more complex. increasing climate change complexity, embodies shrinking life support systems. The irrational  and the authoritarians, think they can use climate change, to motivate further irrationality . They may be able to in the short-term but,
    they are dangerously delusional.  Growing, complex, climate change is affecting them as well. It is getting worse… 

    Things are changing, at faster rates than anticipated. There are new layers of vulnerability, coming into play as addressed in this article.

    Wildfires , floods  and hurricanes are occurring all over the planet at increasing frequency. They are getting worse each year. There are 21 hurricanes projected for the Gulf Coast region according to the NOAA, for 2022.
    People are breathing  radionuclide infested smoke, in areas with wildfires like Santa Susana and New Mexico where wildfires are rampant this year.
    Many Radionuclides, generate their own heat, making them unencasable, even at several hundred feet below the surface.
    The rich arrogant, ignorant old politicians and younger oligarchs are ignoring the dramatic increases in wildfires,  and pollution being spread and cataclysmic consequences of monstrous climate change. There were 6 dramatic indices for cataclysmic climate change in the world by June
    1. Thousand year flooding in.yellowstone Idaho and montana
    2. 800 thousand acres of forest burned in New Mexico, the most radioactive state in the usa. Wildfires in Spain by nuclear reactors.
    3. Unlivable temperatures above 130 F in Africa, India, Iran, Egypt and other equatorial sub equatorial regions
    4. Temps over 100 F in subtropics with 60 percent humidity leading to.wick.poimt organ failure
    5. Miami flooded already
    6. The Arctic hot, melting emitting unprecedented amounts of.greenhouse.methane along with California, texas, and Siberia. Old drill holes leaking methane like a sieve

    The oligarchs, rich, and donor classes, along with their advisors, are outside of their fields. They are mostly out of their minds, through compartmentalized and insulated delusions. Their paid advisers, are there to smooth things over.
    Many of the older politicians will not have to live through the repercussions, of more layers of cataclysmic change.
    Equatorial temps and subequatorial temps are 134F this year in India , the middle east and Africa.
    Subtropical temps are 105 to 110 F w 65 percent humidity. Previously unheard of projections, for tropical storms and hurricanes as the world’s oceans heat up. 
    Florida alone has 3 shoddy old reactors, that could go, if any one of them is hit with a couple of hurricanes back to back..
    There are many 30 to 50 yo reactors along the Gulf Coast and in Tennessee,  where there are more because of the Tennessee Valley Authority.
    One of the  rickety old Gulf Coast nuclear reactors of the 20 or so,  in texas, Florida, Loiusiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Misssissippi or even Mexico could go if the flooding and serial-hurricanes, pounded one reactor too much.
    A good deal of Miami, was under-water, earlier this month, from a small hurricane that landed, on the other side.of the state!
    Humans are grossly misinformed about radionuclides and nuclear accidents.

    Nuclear energy, is not safe!
    Both of my exes parents, from Japan, died in 2 years of fukushima, from cancer. Fukushima is still belching the worst radionuclide pollution into Japan, 11 years later.
    Humans are grossly misinformed about radionuclides and nuclear accidents.
    The Western United States, is a radioactive sieve hole, from nuclear sites, nuke bombs manufacture and testing, and nuclear waste..
    Los alamos is where the majority of nuclear the world have been and, are made.

    There were 600 nuclear bombs, detonated in nevada in the.1950s and.1960s.
    The USA also has INL in Idaho, Hanford in Washimgton state. Santa Susana by Los Angeles.
    There is white sands, wipp, alamogordo there were the projects rullison and gas buggy, in New Mexico and Colorado.
    There is San Onofre in California. Energy fuels by Tooele utah, is a major nuclear waste dump.
    There were the Rocky Flats plutonium fires by Denver.
    There was the church rock uranium and.nuclear disaster in New Mexico. One.of the largest. The Church Rock uranium mill spill occurred in the U.S. state of New Mexico on July 16, 1979, when United Nuclear Corporation’s tailings disposal pond at its uranium mill in Church Rock breached its dam spilling millions of gallons.of nuclear waste. The accident remains the largest release of radioactive material in U.S. history, having released more radioactivity than the Three Mile Island accident four months earlier.
    Last month one of the most radioactive states in the usa, New Mexico, was on fire. 800 thousand acres burned, releasing  unimaginable amounts of radioactive dust, uranium, and  fallout went into the air.

    Wildfires and.cancer

    More wildfires and cancer

    Radionuclides are pyrophoric. They generate, their own heat and can start fires on their own, as happened in Arvada Colorado at Rocky flats, with plutonium fires and plutonium the seventies and eighties 
    There are millions-of-tons of radionuclides, in the environment now.
    Climate change is real
    Rivers of water and thousand year floods in Idaho, Wyoming and  Montana . Massive methane releases in the Arctic. 95 degrees in Alaska already this year.  

    The Western usa is truly one of the most radioactive the world . Los alamos nuke bomb.makinf. Nuke-testing in nevada, INL, Hanford, Santa susana, white sands, wipp, alamogordo. There were projects rullison and gas buggy in New Mexico and Colorado, where 8.separate nuclear bombs were exploded, under rivers in the larhest water sheds of the arrid west. It was done. to free natural gas. The natural gas, can never be used naturally. That is because, it is of course too radioactive. Yet the government did not care at the time. Radioactive fallout continues to.dribble into the Colorado grandriver basins 50 years the nuclear.bomb explosions. The.detonations were done in some of the most arrid, drought ridden.areas on earth, where some.of the worst wildfires on earth are raging annually and biannually. Remember nuclear bomb fallout contains plutonium.uranium.and.cesium 137 from those 50 year old blasts. The radionuclides contune to be pyrophoric to this day!

    Last month one of the most radioactive states in the usa, New Mexico, was on fire. 800 thousand acres burned in most of New Mexico in the past month and a half, releasing  unimaginable amounts of radioactive dust, uranium, and  fallout went into the air. Radionuclides are pyrophoric. They generate, their own heat and can start fires on their own, as happened in Arvada Colorado at Rocky flats, with plutonium fires and plutonium releases.

    There are still plunonium wildfires by Rocky Flats.

    There are millions-of-tons of radionuclides, in the environment now from reactors, uranium waste, bomb detonations, old nuclear subs and bombs, plutonium processing, nuclear rocket tests, medical waste, wipp, mining, uranium-refinement, decommissioned.nuclear reactors , nuclear reactors pushed into the sea by russia, usa, France. Nuclear waste dumped.into the.oceann by the UK.france amd usa. Nuclear rtg batteries. There are.even.nuclear reactors in orbit
    Radionuclides are the.most carcinogenic and toxic substances known to humans.

    Climate change is real
    Rivers of water and thousand year floods in Idaho, Wyoming and  Montana . Massive methane releases in the Arctic. 95 degrees in Alaska.    Insane war in the redioactive hellhole of ukraine, where Chernobyl occured.

    The Idaho National Laboratory had 90 thousand acres of old burnedout, and melted down nuclear reactors and nuclear waste go into the air in 2017.
    50 old experimental small and.larger, nuclear reactors. They are mostly decrepit nuclear reactors at INL by Idaho.springs by now.. There is a thousand tons of nuclear waste at Idaho.National.Laboratory by Idaho.springs.idaho. INL had 3 reactor meltdowns in the fifties and the high level fallout that accompanys a nuclear reactor meltdown. 90 thousand acres of radioactive soot and smoke, the.most radioactive places, on earth burned at INL in 2017. The radioactive smoke flooding the sky’s, of most of North america. Like the old nevada, open air nuclear testing did, in the 50s and 60s.

    Hanford nuclear reservation in East Washington, is where much of the plutonium for nuclear bombs was made and refineed, in the usa, in the 40s and fifties.
    The atomic energy Commission and Department of defense, even tested releasing radioactive.iodine on residents in Washington in the 1950s, leading to thousands.of cases of thyroid cancer and dozens.of miscarriages in unknowing residents , in washington State.

    The Green Run: Family, Coverups and Lies, My Father’s Race to Save the Planet

      There are100s of thousands of gallons of cesium 137 , plutonium and nitrate waterstored at Hanford. .  Enough to blow Washington State in half, like mayak did in the Soviet Union 60 years ago. 

    Santa susana, is where two nuclear reactors melted down and there have been 2  radionuclide tainted major- suburban wildfires, close to Los Angeles. The woolsey fire the most recent. Spreading radioactive fallout across Los angeles.

    White sands, wipp, the first atomic bomb explosion at alamogordo new mexico, projects rullison and gas buggy, church rock. Last month the most radioactive state in the usa new mexico, was on fire. 800 thousand acres burned in New Mexico in May and June releasing  enough radioactive dust, uranium, and  fallout to give the world cancer.
    Radionuclides are pyrophoric. They generate their  own heat and can start fires on thei own even in small amounts like the plutonium at rocky flats.

    There are millions-of-tons of radionuclides, in the environment by now.

    People can now imagine the rivers of water from the sky from warming Pacific waters, that went into massive.flooding in Yellowstone this year.
      The smart asses and fascists will look those people who have lost everything in Montana and, seriously ask them why they had no flood insurance at the time.of the thousand.year flood.catastrophe.. Because floods don’t normally happen there u fascist dork.
    It’s like the fascist paramilitary groups harassing people trying to.get out of central.oregon 2 years ago, when half of Oregon was on fire. Even then fascist thugsthat were in denial of climate change, were blocking people, fleeing for their lives, from the wildfire catastrophes.of central amd.east oregon. The fascists were saying that.the people of oregon, ranchers and, were lighting the fires in central and west oregon state was on fire! The fascist were trying to.obscure and.lie about the very real.climate change and still.are today. The fascists even caused some people and children, fleeing the fires to get killed. Their lies and criminality and, murderous nature knows no bounds. Remember propaganda is lies enduring and.we will be.getting the smelliest most toxic propagannda, violence and repression , crammed.down our throats from here on out, as reality becomes too hard to obscure or hide.

    There are the methane releases in the Arctic and texas, california, methane from ancient seabeds that never occured before, escalating greenhouse gas release exponentially on earth.
    95 degrees in alaska. 

    The West USA, has been on fire for the last 3 years seding tons of radioactive smoke, into the atmosphere. The smoke comes from large uranium areas, plutonium reservations, nuke waste dumps. The fires and smoke come from nuclear bomb testing and manufacturing areas across the western USA. Uranium.mining and.purifying age are across the western USA.
    Los alamos by Santa fe, New Mexico. Biden.and.trump, allowed for trillions of dollars, to be spent, at Los Alamos, building thousands of new nuclear bombs. Los alamos is by Santa Fe, the capital in New Mexico.
    NATO is seriously fighting a proxy war in Ukraine. The Ukraine is, where one of the worst nuclear accidents occured. Half the country of Ukraine, has birth defects from Chernobyl. There are thousands of pounds of unaccounted for fissible and levelnuclear waste in the Ukraine. There are 12 of the oldest, most rickety dangerous, nuclear reactors, In-The-World in Ukraine.
    There have been several unaccounted nuclear waste fires, in Ukraine for 20 years by arms depots and.otherwise. The forests around Chernobyl, have gone up in flames annually and bianually from the.pyrophoric radionuclides trapped in trees, in forests around Chernobyl for 30 years. The radioactive forests belch, radionuclide soot and smoke in the Ukraine and across Europe.
    The games our savagely greed and insane, demented leaders, like Trump, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer are worse than running with sciccors in a meat cutting factory or, playing with matches by a gasoline tanker. They are criminally insane.

    Comment by Terry Southard | July 1, 2022 | Reply

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