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NATO Summit – Facing the New Reality – a view from Hungary

Hungarian Community for Peace, 29 June 22, Leaders of NATO’s thirty member states are preparing to approve a new strategy to halt change in the world and delay the twilight of Western civilization, an analyst at the Hungarian Community for Peace evaluated the NATO summit beginning in Madrid on Tuesday.

Due to the failure of its eastern expansion, NATO is forced to face the fact that the Russians are turning its own expansion strategy against it. Russian roll back replaced the American. NATO would be forced into defensiveness if America gave up its aggression.

All that is already known about the new “strategic concept” is that it marks Russia as its main enemy and considers military conflict in the territory of the bloc countries to be a real threat. Therefore, they want to deploy more than 300,000 troops to Eastern European countries, approx. eight times as many as are currently there. The other main enemy is marked in China. But NATO is not strong enough to establish a circular defense against both of them and their allies. NATO has to decide what is more important. Both for America and neither for other allies.

Why should Europe be afraid of America’s losing dominance over the world, when its prosperity, and even its mere existence, is increasingly dependent on Russian energy and Chinese trade? Why should Eastern Europe get into a war with Russia when peaceful cooperation only benefits?

Today, not only Hungary and Turkey give different answers to the questions than their big brother, but the French and Germans are also looking for other ways. However, they have not yet come to oppose America openly, as there is a common interest in maintaining a common system. But strategy here, strategy there, the common interest in maintaining the system is crossed by a multitude of national interests. Economic interests are different. Market competitiveness, social stability, development depend on who and to what extent adapts to the new conditions and fits into the nascent new world order.

It is possible to force the old and even try to restore an even older one, but if it fails, the Sun may fall even faster over the system, the days of which are numbered without it.

Russia and China may be called the number one public enemy, but the consequences cannot be ignored. The more they miss the possibility of a compromise with Russia, the more disadvantaged they will be forced to compromise with it. An example of this is Russia’s superiority in strategic power relations. With the Sarmat rocket, America will no longer have the opportunity to reach the balance of power on the old level. And if the U.S. doesn’t ask Moscow to negotiate with it, the level could sink even deeper.

The change in conditions is shown by the fact that no Arab country, nor most Latin American countries, have joined Western sanctions against Russia, and are increasingly seeking membership in international organizations based on the Russian-Chinese axis. Argentina and Iran have applied to join the Alliance of China, Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil (BRICS). The recent Beijing Declaration aims at a comprehensive reform of the United Nations and the enlargement of the Security Council to include Brazil, South Africa and India for a multipolar world order.

Russia has indicated that it intends to move the venue for international conciliation negotiations to a truly neutral territory instead of Geneva, as Switzerland has joined the Western embargoes against Russia, meaning it can no longer be considered neutral.

As NATO leaders try to postpone a compromise with the East with a new strategy and believe they can outdo their opponents by military and economic means, businessmen from all NATO nations attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June. Would they see any further than their politicians?

Edited by Hungarian Community for Peace

28 June 2022

June 30, 2022 - Posted by | EUROPE, politics international

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