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European Pressurised Water Reactors (EPRs) – a nuclear economic fiasco in Finland, France, UK and China

–It is over 30 years since the genesis of the EPR project in 1989. This reactor was presented from the start not as a technological revolution or breakthrough but as an evolution in the continuity of the second-generation pressurized water reactor sector, of which there are 56 in operation in

It was also, according to its promoters, to constitute the
reference nuclear reactor of the 21st century, and be quickly and massively
exported all over the world. Three decades later, the reality is a far cry
from the announcements and ambitions of the industry.

While France envisages the construction of several of these EPR reactors for the 2050
horizon, this report aims to bring together in a single document the main
events that led to very substantial delays and additional costs on each of
the six EPRs in operation or still under construction in the world.
International overview of the industrial and economic fiasco of the EPR: at
Olkiluoto in Finland, Flamanville in France, Hinkley Point in the UK and
Taishan in China.

 Greenpeace France (accessed) 24th June 2022

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