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Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Members agree on a plan of action in response to renewed threats of nuclear weapons use.

ICAN, Beatrice Fihn 24 June 22. Just a few hours ago at the United Nations in Vienna, States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons just concluded the first meeting of the treaty and condemned unequivocally “any and all nuclear threats, whether they be explicit or implicit and irrespective of the circumstances.” 

In response to Russia’s nuclear threats, this is the strongest multilateral condemnation of threats to use nuclear weapons ever. And they adopted a bold action plan for the end of nuclear weapons.

The Vienna Declaration shows that there is this new global alliance that uses the TPNW to push back against unacceptable and illegal nuclear threats and risks of nuclear war.

The groundbreaking Vienna Action Plan outlines concrete steps this alliance will take to stop nuclear-armed states from using nuclear weapons and to move forward to eliminate them.

The 65 states parties, 86 signatories to the treaty, other supportive states, survivors of nuclear detonations, international organisations, parliamentarians, financial institutions, youth and civil society that are part of this new alliance.

The Vienna Declaration concluded with an clear  commitment by these states, that “In the face of the catastrophic risks posed by nuclear weapons and in the interest of the very survival of humanity … We will not rest until the last state has joined the Treaty, the last warhead has been dismantled and destroyed and nuclear weapons have been totally eliminated from the Earth.”

We are undaunted and unstoppable.

Together we’re ending the age of nuclear weapons,


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TODAY: Fed up with the biased and inaccurate coverage of the Ukraine war.

The picture above does not do justice to the multitude of news media, social media, blah blah that continue to parrot out very emotional and inaccurate coverage of the war. Yes the Russian invasion of Ukraine is illegal and wrong. Yes civilians have suffered and died. Yes, some Russian and other nationals on the Russian side have committed atrocities.

But we are supposed to believe in massive atrocities by the Russian side, and squeaky clean good behaviour from the Ukrainian side?

Suddenly neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine have become golden heroes.

The world’s great new pin-up Zelensky, is acclaimed, even if he is of the opinion that glorious mass Ukrainian martydoms are a better idea for Ukraine than a negotiated settlement with Russia that might give Russia some concessions.

Today I read Nicolas Cinquini ‘s report on the much publicised atrocities in Bucha. Then there’s Joe Lauria’s story in Consortium News. Then there’s Colonel Richard Black writing for the The International Schiller Institute

‘my hunch is that the Ukrainians killed off these people after they moved in, and after they looked around, and said, “OK, who was friendly towards the Russian troops while the Russians were here? We’re going to execute them.””

And there are others. But of course these writers must be Russian spies, provocateurs, propagandists, mustn’t they? We must ignore them, shut them up.

Really? I don’t buy that opinion.

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A despicable Ukrainian PSYOP in Bucha

Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk in Bucha on April 1

2:31 pm UT, April 1 Bucha Mayor Fedoruk does NOT mention murders of civilians – Bisher ist Alles in Ordnung ! (So far everything is fine.!)

Truth is the first casualty in war – Ethel Annakin, 1915

Nicolas Cinquini senior intelligence analyst in the field of security risk management, I am a former intelligence officer and lieutenant detective within French State agencies 24 June 22 [Excellent maps and photos on original]

On April 4, 2022, the Western media are roaring against Russia, about the slaughter of civilians in Bucha, a town in Kiev northwestern suburb, Ukraine. The dates and sites of the killings are unknown. The identities of the victims are unknown. The sources are Ukrainian, directly or indirectly officials whose assertions are widely admitted. I am a long time fan of the British media and tabloids. In the United Kingdom, the buzz is a gradient, from Civilians ‘shot in the street’ [The Times] to Putin last atrocities, GENOCIDE [Daily Mirror]. Here is the cover of The Guardian [on original – the title reads – ”Horror in Bucha: Russia Accused of Torture and Massacre of Civilians”]

On April 3, French president Emmanuel Macron has already written on Twitter
the images reaching us from Bucha, a liberated town near kyiv, are unbearable. In the streets, hundreds of cowardly murdered civilians. My compassion for the victims, my solidarity with the Ukrainians. The Russian authorities will have to answer for these crimes.

Yet, some journalists have learned how to investigate and State intelligence agencies are supposed to deliver reliable information to the politicians. I am wondering what are the shares of bad faith and hysteria.

By the way, what happened in Bucha and when ?

The military context………………………

  • 11:00 pm UT, March 28

Jomini of the West is a Western military analyst, a
polemologist writer and speaker on all things related to human conflict. #Fortuna Podcast ; discussions on waging peace, surviving war, and the fate of Humankind,
who is making analytical assessments and nice maps.

On March 28, Bucha is on the front line and Ukraine forces are counterattacking [map on original]

Jomini won’t make new assessment or map in the region of Kiev before March 31.

  • 9:20 pm UT, March 31

On social networks, Ukrainian channels are sharing a video recorded from drone in broad daylight : the Russian forces have left Antonov airport, which is north of Gostomel, which is north of Bucha.

 the Russians are conducting a strategic retreat in good order. If they have withdrawn from Antonov airport, a fortiriori, they have left Gostomel and Bucha

  • 11:00 pm UT, March 31

The Russian forces are conducting a retreat in good order on the right bank (left on the map) of the Dniepr. The front line is now north of Ivankiv, about 60 km north of Bucha, that the Ukrainian forces are controlling, far behind their new lines. Some wooden areas need to be searched north of Bucha, because Russian elements may remain there. The retreat is conducted in good order and I don’t think that Russian servicemen have been isolated [Map on original]

  • 2:31 pm UT, April 1

Anatoliy Fedoruk is the mayor of Bucha. Ecstatic, he publishes on Facebook a video from the town, says […]
March 31 will go down in the history of our Bucha community as the Day of Liberation. The liberation by our Armed Forces of Ukraine from Russian orcs [sic], from Russian occupiers. So today, I state that this day is joyful. Joyful and this is a great victory in Kyiv region ! And we will definitely wait so that there is a great victory all over Ukraine […]

according to cross-checked information from various sources, the Ukrainian forces are controlling Bucha since March 31. I have found no trace of fresh fighting in the town. On April 1, the Ukrainian administration is back, the SBU (State security) and its PSYOP department too.

Fedoruk does NOT mention murders of civilians

We know that the Ukrainian forces are controlling Bucha since March 31. On April 3, the Russian defense ministry will state that its army have left the town on March 30. There was no urban warfare, the Ukrainians came in the day after.

On April 1, nobody mentions murders of civilians.

The liberation of Bucha – Bisher ist Alles in Ordnung ! (So far everything is fine.!)

We know that the Ukrainian forces are controlling Bucha since March 31. On April 3, the Russian defense ministry will state that its army have left the town on March 30. There was no urban warfare, the Ukrainians came in the day after.

On April 1, nobody mentions murders of civilians.

The liberation of Bucha

  • 5:48 pm UT, April 2

AFP (Agence France Presse) writes on Twitter
#BREAKING Almost 300 people buried in ‘mass grave’ in Bucha outside Kyiv: mayor [Anatoliy Fedoruk]

> More than 25 hours after his ecstatic video from the town, two days after its liberation, Fedoruk speaks by phone with a Western news agency, about dead civilians and a mass grave.

Actually, Ukrainian web users are sharing an amateur video, allegedly from Bucha, since 0:15 am. It has been recorded in broad daylight, probably the day before, April 1. A few corpses are scattered in the middle of a street.

300 was already, according to the Ukrainian authorities, the number of vicitms of the alleged Russian airstrike against the Drama theater in Mariupol, Donbass, on March 16.

  • 5:52 pm UT, April 2

At the same time, the official website of the Ukrainian national police publishes an article and photos about its operations in Bucha, since its liberation on March 31 […]
today, April 2, in the liberated city of Bucha, Kyiv region, special units of the National Police of Ukraine began clearing the area of saboteurs and ACCOMPLICES of Russian troops […]

The involved units are special purpose [I am in Love with euphemism] formations. But their names are evocative : Safari, Kord, Thor.

> Released in the afternoon of April 2, two days after the liberation, three days after the Russian retreat, an official Ukrainian article does NOT mention murders of civilians

  • 6:41 pm UT, April 2

The AFP (Agence France Presse) adds on Twitter […]
as witnessed by @AFP, he [Anatoliy Fedoruk] said the heavily destroyed town’s streets are littered with corpses […]

  • 9:48 pm UT, April 2

The AFP (Agence France Presse) adds on Twitter […]
in the town of Bucha, AFP reporters saw at least 20 bodies on a single street including one with his hands tied […]

The AFP photographer is Ronaldo Schemidt, a Venezuelan one and a reliable source. His pictures from Bucha are now famous. I won’t share here images of the corpses, which are about two dozens at all, in various sites. They seem still fresh, but a coroner could assert it. They are dressed like civilians. Some are wearing WHITE ARMBANDS, which are the usual identification mark of Russian troops, some others with hands tied in the back with identical white bands.

Some victims were clearly carrying Russian food rations. The Russian army is widely dispensing food rations in the areas under its control. But in Ukrainian nationalist opinion, to accept such ration is an act of treason.

Here is an enhanced screenshot from an amateur video which is shared on social networks the same day [on original]

The death toll is finally 57, not 300 [Anatoliy Fedoruk] nor hundreds [Emmanuel Macron] The trench is so far the unique mass grave in Bucha, where Ukrainians are CURRENTLY burying the corpses which were previously lying in the streets.

They are NOT conducting forensic investigations. The ABCs of such criminal probe are the identification of each victim, dating and map of each corps, identification of the causes of each death. As we already know, the cops are abounding in Bucha. Why do they not conduct these elementary tasks ?

My expertise

The Russian troops have withdrawn from Bucha on March 30. The Ukrainian forces have occupied the town on March 31. The clearing of Russia accomplices has begun. Nobody claimed it or took credit. But CRASH ! on April 2 : web users have started to share an amateur video which was showing corpses scattered in a street on April 1. The Ukrainian authorities have taken the chance to accuse Russia, with the usual complaisance of Western media and politicians.

Finally, without forensic investigation, 57 people have been buried in a mass grave on April 3. They were Russia accomplices, whom Ukrainian death squads have assassinated, maybe also some fatalities of the previous fighting.

Facts are not the friends of Ukraine and its allies

Scott Ritter, former US intelligence officer on April 4, 2022


While the European Union is emerging as no more than a free trade area within NATO, its German president, Ursula von der Leyen, on April 8, visits Bucha, which will become a PR scene for Western politicians.

The disgrace is not that Leyen is a poor actress. The climax of the staging is that one week after the alleged Russian massacre, a bundle of filled body bags, maybe victims inside, are still lying on the ground in the open. Did they wait there for her ? Have they been displaced like movie sets ? The film crew is so disrespectful of the dead, so contemptuous of the public intelligence, so inhuman.

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Glenn Diesen: As propaganda about a Ukrainian ‘victory’ retreats, is a split emerging in the West?

The US has certain interests in a protracted war, which could turn Ukraine into an Afghanistan for the Russians.

US Representative Dan Crenshaw supported the opportunity of fighting Russia with Ukrainian lives: “Investing in the destruction of our adversary’s military without losing a single American troop strikes me as a good idea.”

While, on one hand, the promise of future EU membership is used as an incentive for a settlement, on the other hand the bloc continues to supply the weapons that enable the war to be extended.

Are new narratives emerging that reflect a split between German, French and Italian “surrender monkeys” on one side, versus the American, British and Polish “war hawks” on the other?

Germany and France want peace while the US and UK push for more war. 22 June 22, By Glenn Diesen, Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway and an editor at the Russia in Global Affairs journal. Follow him on Twitter @glenndiesen.

During the Russian Civil War, the journalist Walter Lippman observed the dilemma of propaganda – it had the positive effect of mobilizing the public for conflict, but the negative outcome of obstructing a workable peace agreement.

The British had drummed up public support for intervention in the conflict by reporting on Polish victories, fleeing communists, and the pending collapse of the Bolsheviks. In reality, the opposite was happening. Lippman argued that because the UK public had been promised victory, there was no political appetite for a reaching a diplomatic settlement.

A century later, little has changed. Public support for supplying billions of dollars’ worth of weaponry and draconian sanctions was premised on the constructed narrative of a pending Russian defeat in Ukraine. Support for Kiev has been expressed by pushing stories of victories, while any admission of weakness could be ostracized as a hostile denigration of Ukraine’s sacrifices.

However, two things can be true at the same time: On one hand, Kiev’s forces were well-trained, well-equipped and fought better than anyone had expected. On the other hand, the power of the Russian military is overwhelming and superior to the extent it hasn’t even had to mobilize its army.

Reality is now catching up with the narrative. Russia has been making steady advancements and the sanctions have backfired terribly. With the situation becoming increasingly unfavorable to Ukraine and NATO, there are growing incentives for seeking a settlement with Russia. However, how can the narrative of a forthcoming victory be changed, and can the US-led bloc maintain its solidarity under a new narrative of defeat?

Fighting for whom?

NATO and Russia have been fighting proxy conflicts since the abandonment of agreements on a pan-European security architecture based on “indivisible security” in a Europe “without dividing lines.” Ukraine has become the latest victim in the subsequent struggle about where to draw the new boundaries.

NATO has presented its own role in the conflict as merely being support for Ukraine. The consensus was that the Ukrainian sacrifices and Western economic pain would be the necessary cost for victory. However, what happens when it is accepted that Russia is winning? Is it “support” for Ukraine if extending the conflict will only result in more Ukrainian casualities, loss of more territory, and the possible destruction of the Ukrainian state?

Backing for Ukraine could be expressed as NATO offering something at the negotiation table to reduce the costs for Kiev. It is conceivable that NATO could extract significant concessions from Moscow if Russia were offered what it has sought for the past three decades – security guarantees that include the end of NATO expansionism and withdrawal of American weapon systems from its borders. However, supporting Ukraine in such a manner would dent the narrative of NATO’s infallibility and being solely a “force for good.”

Who should be blamed?

Continue reading

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To survive, the human species must heed the voices of small nations, and of babes and sucklings

We really don’t have time for the antics of the big tough men that run the world – on corporate greed, vying with each other for power and importance. They’ve brought us global heating, planetary and even space pollution, and their next trick is nuclear war.

They don’t seem to ”get it” that if you blow the other lot to smithereens, it doesn’t actually help your lot at all.

I recall that the King of Siam as played by Yul Brynner way back, reflected that ‘‘Unless some day somebody trusts somebody – there’ll be nothing left on Earth excepting fishes

The King of Siam was an optimist – as human stupidity and greed are already bringing about the end of the fishes.

BUT – the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is right now being discussed and worked on by representatives of over 100 governments. 122 governments are in favour of it, 86 have signed up to it, and 65 have ratified it. It is wisely designed, allowing even nuclear state to join, with reasonable steps.

But no. The big boys of the weapons corporations and the military run the show, so of course, they spurn this Treaty, and the opinions of the little nations. After all, the little nations are expendable, like all the ordinary little folk that are going to be obliterated by weather extremes, and by a nuclear weapon, however ”successfully” that weapon might be used.

Today, as Fiji joins the Treaty, we hear a wise and sensible opinion on the way forward. We need to learn from those ”unimportant” little nations, from indigenous peoples, from ”ignorant” children and young people – because we sure ain’t getting any wisdom from the world ”leaders”

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