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After lying for months, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse. 


Diogenes, one of the ancient world’s illustrious philosophers, believed that lies were the currency of politics, and those lies were the ones he sought to expose and debase. To make his point, Diogenes occasionally carried a lit lantern through the streets of Athens in the daylight. If asked why, Diogenes would say he was searching for an honest man.

Finding an honest man today in Washington, D.C., is equally challenging. Diogenes would need a Xenon Searchlight in each hand.

Russian errors were exaggerated out of all proportion to their significance. Russian losses and the true extent of Ukraine’s own losses were distorted, fabricated, or simply ignored. But conditions on the battlefield changed little over time. Once Ukrainian forces immobilized themselves in static defensive positions inside urban areas and  the central Donbas, the Ukrainian position was hopeless. But this development was portrayed as failure by the Russians to gain “their objectives.

Ground-combat forces that immobilize soldiers in prepared defenses will be identified, targeted, and destroyed from a distance. When persistent overhead intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets, whether manned or unmanned, are linked to precision guided-strike weapons or modern artillery systems informed by accurate targeting data, “holding ground” is fatal to any ground force. This is all the more true in Ukraine, because it was apparent from the first action that Moscow focused on the destruction of Ukrainian forces, not on the occupation of cities or the capture of Ukrainian territory west of the Dnieper River.

The result has been the piecemeal annihilation of Ukrainian forces. Only the episodic infusion of U.S. and allied weapons kept Kiev’s battered legions in the field; legions that are now dying in great numbers thanks to Washington’s proxy war.

Kiev’s war with Moscow is lost. Ukrainian forces are being bled white. Trained replacements do not exist in sufficient numbers to influence the battle, and the situation grows more desperate by the hour. No amount of U.S. and allied military aid or assistance short of direct military intervention by U.S. and NATO ground forces can change this harsh reality.

The problem today is not ceding territory and population to Moscow in Eastern Ukraine that Moscow already controls. The future of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions along with the Donbas is decided. Moscow is also likely to secure Kharkov and Odessa, two cities that are historically Russian and Russian-speaking, as well as the territory that adjoins them. These operations will extend the conflict through the summer. The problem now is how to stop the fighting…………….


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  1. This comment will probably be censored or unpublished because, it is too true and real. Remember propaganda is lies enduring. We are getting hammered with it in the USA.
    The neocon, bidenists are all in, on Ukraine. Neocon, neoliberal. War-monger-democrats and,  Attorney general-garland, is in Ukraine talking about Russian war crimes, instead of prosecuting Trump’s very treasonous coup attempt Jan 6 2020. Its so deranged, that it is barely comprehendable. Garland is in Ukraine, instead of putting trump in jail.

    Oh well.  When the EXTREMIST republicans win in 2022 and 2024 BECAUSE, OF THE corporate and old corrupt millionaire democrats like Pelosi ,clyburn, steny hoyer, feinstein, biden, the other crook DEMOCRATS like sinema and munchen these fools, will have no place to hide. The two faced warmongers and corporatists.
    The Republican extremists will probably drag the old crew of blue dog democrats and, many new ones, through the STREETS AND HANG them LIKE THEY THREATENED TO DO JAN 6 2020.

    Biden, has hired a Republican to cut social security and Medicare and increase Medicare premiums. Biden cut the child tax credit
    He is allowing inflation to go rampant while 77 percent of America hugs poverty. Biden has given 10s of billions to neo- Nazi.ukrainians threatening donbass. And for weapons. Billions to musk.who.pays no taxes and is a massive govt welfare pig while American children starve. 288 billion musk . So evil, its hard to process. The lies. The betrayal. The.lack.of leadership and representation. The cognitive dissonance, as biden pushes for Nazi dogs and corporatists to be back in power.
    Republican leader Rick Scott, who is worth $255,000,000 and has introduced a GOP plan to raise taxes on the working class while making tax cuts for the rich permanent, just said Americans “are the most spoiled people on Earth.”

    90% of Republicanism is repeating patterns of abuse learned from abusive authoritarian parents, and 10% is kink and shame.

    The Supreme Court literally, just said greasing the hands of politicians is protected speech and now it seems that boycotts are going to be in the not-protected-speech category. Absolutely flabbergasting.…

    Faced with unrest, the industrialists turned to authoritarians, fascists, and Nazis in order to protect their wealth and power in Hitler’s francos and.mussolinis run up to power.

    We don’t like to talk about it, but those elites literally powered these genocidal authoritarian movements. And they’ll do it again.

    63% of americans know that the extremist Supreme Court in power will gut 80 years of environmental protection and rule a climate catastrophie in 4 years and protect the oil.companies and.military devils.

    Trillions for nukes and billiions that Taiwan does not need, for weapons, when most americans have bare subsistence wages and cannot afford rent or their mortgages. Just a. Morally rutted out cockroach hull, Biden is.

    Pelosi’s House Majority PAC, is spending $46k on t.v. ads to boost the candidacy of a conservative woman who called her prospective Dem opponent an “abortionist,” and sued to block red flag gun laws from going into effect….
    The corporate democrats are fools for booting trumpet republicans

    The democrats who.will be on the trump fascist kill lists will be all those doing the jan6 hearings unless trump is jailed and the include
    Biden, Kamala harris,
    clyburn, pelosi, feinstien, the Clintons , biden Schumer etc etc. The extremists, will do it this time. The fascists and extremists really wanted to hang them and kill them jan 6, 2020 when they did their treason and sedition . their rampage.

    What a bunch of demented imbeciles these old elitist, sociopathic-goon democrats are. . These old, SOLD OUT DEMOCRAT CORPORATISTS
    AND that husk of a dead cockroach, Biden..

    There will probably be a major nuke meltdown or detonation,  in Europe and or florida, on the horizon this year. The wildfires are just beginning in europe.

    Comment by Pete Sawyer | June 23, 2022 | Reply

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