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Nuclear news – week to 15 June

Some bits of good news    Two key  committees of the European Parliament strike down EU plans to label nuclear and gas as green investment .   – G7 countries to stop funding fossil fuel development overseas. Canada Introduced Sweeping Gun Law Reforms.

The unpalatable truth in Ukraine.

  Geo-political readings on the Russia / Ukraine conflict 8.6.22 —Global nuclear arsenal could grow for the first time in decades, think-tank SIPRI warns.

Non-carbon emissions could ‘bump’ global temperatures above 1.5C within seven years, research warns.

Human-made heatwaves are getting hotter

Climate action is going in the right direction, but what now? What is a realistic aim? ‘‘Climatenomics” – new book -climate crisis is the REAL economic worry.      Carbon dioxide levels are now 50% higher than during the pre-industrial era. World can make massive energy savings, reduce emissions through energy conservation measures. International Energy Agency stresses that energy efficiency must be at the forefront of energy and climate policies. 

Mother Nature: Economic growth is sending her bankrupt.

UKRAINE. Ukraine’s high casualty rate could bring war to tipping point, Ukraine bars IAEA nuclear regulator from visiting Russian-occupied power plant ! Ukraine slams planned IAEA mission to Russian-occupied nuclear plant. 

New film shows the anguish and destruction of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Ukrainian nationalists’ massacre of 100,000 Poles approaching 80th anniversary.     Pentagon divulges number of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine. 

FINLANDNATO Membership May Spell the End of Finland and Sweden as Social Democracies.

FRANCE. Fresh blow for EDF with probe into practices at Tricastin nuclear plantEDF delays the scheduled maintenance shutdowns of 7 French nuclear reactors.

JAPAN. EDITORIAL: Vienna meeting on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons -best chance for Japan to lead the way. Japanese youths at Vienna Nuclear Ban Treaty meeting, call for abolition of nuclear weapons. Japan court: Nuclear plant’s tsunami safeguards inadequate.

  Aging Fukui nuclear unit to restart in Aug., 2 months early.  

  6.3 billion yen in damages to local governments due to the Fukushima nuclear accident has not been paid. 7 prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area The scope of compensation was decided at TEPCO’s initiative.   Areas reopening after Fukushima nuclear disaster need sustained gov’t support.


CANADA. Canada’s nuclear waste liabilities total billions of dollars: is a landfill site near the Ottawa River the best way to extinguish them?

UKJulian Assange’s wife Stella Moris reveals how they raise children together while he is in jail waiting an extradition decision. Another episode in the unlawful spying and harassment of Julian Assange and his legal team, by the UK and USA governments. 

 Nuclear test veterans demand recognition at first meeting with Prime Minister.

Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) join the call for UK to join the nuclear ban Treaty Summit. Nuclear Free Local Authorities oppose Nuclear Waste Authorities’ seismic testing in the Irish Sea. Seismic blasting in Irish Sea for nuclear waste dump will be devastating to marine life

CHINA. China Says It Does Not Want To See Another North Korean Nuclear Test .

GERMANY. Germany rules out nuclear power as an option during the energy crisis.

IRANIran removes nuclear watchdog’s cameras after criticism.

INDIA. Ukraine war – good chance for France to sell nuclear reactors to India, replacing deal with Russia.

POLANDExperts doubt Polish government’s plans to have nuclear by 2033.

AUSTRALIA. Julian Assange is still in jail, but the new Australian government has the power to act to help him. Assange: Albanese must act where the Coalition failed.

Australia’s Energy Minister rejects nuclear power push

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  1. The powerless, are losing in the USA. The working class. The poor are losing. Poor whites. Non whites, gays, women, children, elderly and the disabled.

    Their greed and violence, has no bounds. Brownshirts, turned loose across the USA to harass black, gay, trans, progressive people. I never thought, I would see these Orwellian times, in the USA. Organised Nazis and fascist thugs, bankrolled by the rich. The dystopian propaganda. Nazis and overt fascists, running the Republican party. The corporate Democrats, allowing them to take over.

    I’m not pro or anti-trans but, Bruce Jenner’s ex-wife married Robert Kardashian. Bruce Jenner is now Caitlin. She is transexual. Caitlin Jenner is a Republican so, she is not threatened.

    Republican’s are blaming gays and trans people, for inflation. They are blaming the poor, working people, and people of color, for everything else. Trump’s neonazi gangs, are going out, to beat up people.

    Trump did a coup . They threatened to kill congress people and, Mike Pence. Trump has no criminal charges, since the Jan 6, sedition. 5 people killed there. Numerous injuries. Destruction of property.

    Never in my life would I have believed, that Nazism or genocidal-racism and, fascism, would take over the 🇺🇸 USA.

    Comment by Carrey Ivey | June 15, 2022 | Reply

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