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Washington: NATO chief meets with Biden, Blinken, Austin, Sullivan to prolong Ukraine war — Anti-bellum

NATOJune 2, 2022 NATO Secretary General visits Washington D.C. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is visiting Washington D.C. to discuss the implications of Russia’s war in Ukraine and preparations for the NATO summit in Madrid with senior US officials. He will meet President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. […]

Washington: NATO chief meets with Biden, Blinken, Austin, Sullivan to prolong Ukraine war — Anti-bellum

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  1. That is sickening. Biden is awful. Not as bad as trump but, awful. So many Americans hurting, so much. Biden giving so much money, while increasing Medicare costs. Inflation rampant. Wages stagnant. Money for war, war, war. Possible nuclear war and nuclear meltdown. Eruption of school and racist shootings. What a horrible place America is. A trillion on more nuclear weapons, nuclear insanity. Biden is Paving a path for the fascists, to take over America and destroy it. To destroy the world completely. So sad and tragic. Climate change out of control. I am beyond words.

    Comment by Harvey Terril | June 4, 2022 | Reply

    • Biden might be doing his best to end this war. He is caught up in the whole military-industrial-complex that pretty much runs USA. As you say – not as bad as Trump. But there’s something awfully wrong with the whole American system – from rampant militarism all over the world – to letting kids be killed by assult rifles.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | June 4, 2022 | Reply

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