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The hypocrisy of Europe pretending that nuclear power is the ”solution” for not depending on Russian gas.

With breath-taking blindness or stupidity (or both) European ”experts” are saying that Europe can become ”emergy independent” and no longer rely on Russia’s gas and oil, – by turning to nuclear power.

What a load of rubbish! They must know full well that Russia dominates the global nuclear industry.

By turning to nuclear power, European countries will become even more dependent – on Russia and Kazakhstan for uranium, on Russia for nuclear technology and expertise.

That is blatant hypocrisy. But it’s not the only bit of hypocrisy.

The other bit is that nuclear power:

(a) in its full fuel cycle – from uranium mining through to toxic waste disposal, emits lots of carbon and increases global heating.

(b) even if it worked against global heating, nuclear power takes so very long to set up, that it would come into operation much too late to be any use.

May 29, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. New Mexico is just on fire. 400 thousand acres burned. So much nuclear waste and fallout there from bomb building and testing I would not be surprised if everyone has cancer in 10 years. Nuke bombs exploded under rivers in nm project gas buggy. Uranium waste catastrophes. Nuclear waste dumps in in many places. Largest plutonium core operation in the world at Los Alamos, by Santa fe. Wipp

    Watch “Video released of explosion at low-level radioactive waste facility” on YouTube

    These explosions were caused by parts of the decommisioned, highly radioactive pieces of the San onofre reactor, biried in Nevada. They later dug them up, after the explosions and, moved them to utah.

    Steppenwolf just stick yur head into the sand pretend that all is grand and everything will be ok

    This will start happening at white mesa nuke waste operation, by blanding, utah. There will wildfires at dark canyon, white mesa, and bears ears. There was a truck fire of nuke waste at energy fuels other site by saltlake city. The white mesa, energy fuel operation is trucking in nuke waste, from all over the world.

    This shows the wildfires still going on in New mexico
    Go to New mexico

    Comment by Terry Southard | May 28, 2022 | Reply

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