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The risk of Green Parties selling their souls to the nuclear lobby – Finland succumbs to the nuclear siren-song

Yes, it’s been all too much for Finland. Green Party members are finding it much easier to get along with the international powers-that-be, by simply dropping their anti-nuclear principles.

I mean – if your well-paid job depends on it , and your status, and self-esteem as an important person. well – why oppose those prestigious leaders who now greenwash the nuclear industry.?

After all, Finland has a nuclear industry, and is very proud of its coming, though rather limited, nuclear waste facility. And Finland’s joining NATO, and however much they deny this, could well be hosting nuclear weapons before too long.

Finland’s Greens will probably find it easy to forget that the full nuclear fuel cycle emits lots of greenhouse gases, that it produces toxic wastes, that it has safety risks, that it is most uneconomic, and that the nuclear industry really has one sole raison-d’etre – nuclear weapons.

It’s just too hard to press on with energy efficiency, wind, sun and wave power – when you’re up against a tsunami of pro-nuke propaganda.

No doubt the nuclear lobby is salivating at the thought that other Green Parties might follow suit, and turn dirty yellow. But Finland is in a bit of a nervous breakdown over Russia. in this time of Ukraine war, and it is more likely that the global Green Party movement will stick to reality.


May 24, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's themes, Finland, politics


  1. They will be sad, if there is another major nuke accident in Finland or Europe. Nuke accidents also include nuclear waste. It is too bad that they are so deluded

    Comment by Harvey Terril | May 24, 2022 | Reply

  2. The Finnish Greens were shifting pro-nuclear LONG before the Russo-Ukrainian war. Their 2020(?) platform dropped nuclear opposition; only the change to outright support is new.

    Comment by Norman Realname | May 29, 2022 | Reply

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