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Australia. Will Anthony Albanese and Labor have the guts to free Julian Assange?

I am astonished that in all the brouhaha of Labor kicking out the truly awful Morrison Liberal Coalition government, so far no media noise about the scandalous persecution of Australian citizen Julian Assange.

OK, kindly, I suggest that there’s a lot to digest, a lot to overturn and untangle, in the state of corruption left by the Morrison government.

But now, if ever, is the time for Australia to stop cringing, and stand up to our supposed friend, the USA.

War atrocities happen. Right now there’s a legal case on, all about atrocities committed by Australian soldiers. We have to face up to that. America should have the decency to face up to atrocities committed by its military, instead of viciously persecuting the journalist who revealed them.

Australia could stop its pathetic subservience to the uSA and UK, and stand up for an Australian journalist.

We kowtowed 75 years ago, when Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett revealed the humanitarian horrors of Fukushima. Now, with a decently oriented Labor government, Australia could do the right thing and demand Assange’s freedom. The USA and UK might even respect us for that.


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