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TODAY. The nuclear industry’s FANTASTIC optimism in Ukraine

Doesn’t it warm the cockles of your heart, in this time of war, global heating, pandemic, to find an industry that’s full of optimism! And in Ukraine of all places!

Yes, it’s the ?wonderful NUCLEAR INDUSTRY!

And here was I, reading that Ukraine’s existing nuclear reactors are injeopardy, and the IAEA is worried, and that Chernobyl area is still radioactive, and that the concrete dome above the shattered reactor is costing $millions, and will need to be replaced at intervals over the next millennia.

It does sound absurd – but here’s what the ever-joyful World Nuclear News says:

 ‘construction work on two new Westinghouse AP1000 units at the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant “will begin as soon as the war is over”. (The Americans must be glad that it will be an American company – but wait!… the Americans want the war to go on indefinitely)

 “we are looking at new sites’ –  the Chyhyryn site in the Cherkasy region…… there are good conditions, the population is positive….. they would also create a garden city out of Orbita….”

May 17, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. It’s like a radioactive candy commercial on tv advertising for Skittles made in fukushima

    Comment by Terry southard | May 17, 2022 | Reply

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