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Today. Nuclear corruption – Ohio as a case study.

You’d think that Ohio would have learned ! In 2020 ”Generation Now” non-profit group created to promote “social welfare” was at the heart of the state’s largest corruption scandal and pleaded guilty to a federal racketeering charge involving House Bill 6.

Well the fake non-profits nuclear promotion groups are at it again, with the shonky eGeneration promoting House Bill 434 which could lead to a tax-payer blank cheque for developing molten-salt thorium-based reactors

An early version of a similar bill introduced by Stein in 2019 would have written eGeneration’s role into the law and let it spend up to $1 million per year.

What happened in Ohio is a clear example of corporate power combined with the growth of “dark money” organizations following the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision to shape public policy decisions. ‘

The speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and 3 other MPs found guilty in 2020 of  “likely the largest bribery, money laundering scheme ever perpetrated against the people of the state of Ohio”

The enormous lobbying effort won the subsidies used dark money–backed organizations that spent millions of dollars to sway voters and politicians.


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  1. Soka gakkai international of which most Telco executives belong
    A fake pronuclear village prosperity cult that runs a in Japan.called Komeito

    It’s unbelievable that a group like Sokagakkai, exists. It is absolutely a  shame of Japan. 
    I am A Japanese interpreter from Kyoto.
    I’ve BEEN TO Sokagakkai in Shinanomachi, TOKYO.
    It is located at the next station of of Yotsuya Station where I.hsd to go in Tokyo close to university.
    I helped foreign  man, who was overstaying in Japan illegally.   He bought a ticket to South america . HE said he wanted to go, to Sokagakkai’s headquarter in Tokyo, before he left Japan.  I didn’t know he was SGI, but  I went there  as his interpreter.  . everyone in Japan dwtests SGI.
    The sgi headquarters was a four-storied building.  On the first floor, the walls in 4 directions were covered with   Daisaku ikedas,  photos.  On the 2nd floor and, I think. Just photos of Ikeda. The second floor was mostly empty space.The 3rd floor, was  empty space.  Just desks,  lined up  in the center.  On the desks there were enveloped for donations.  On the 4th floor, there were some people.  I don’t remember seeing any statue of Buddha nor altar.  The only things they have in the headquarter of the world are the pics of Ikeda and the envelopes for donations. They just want money.  That’s what I thought.   We left soon as the forein guy, was not going to donate and I think he felt embarassed  being there without donating.  It is not a Buddhist religious group.  Nichiren Sect(Shu) is O.K.  Sokagakkai is said to be derived from Nichiren Sect. It is just not. It is not normal. SGI are quite spread in South America, too.  They think it is Buddhism, but it is not!
    When we were living in a condo, our neighbor was Sokagakkai couple. They were nice, but
    An sgi wife asked me to vote for a Komeito  candidate for elections.  She even gave me a ride to go to the vote..  How can a non-Sokagakkai person vote for Komeito.?  Komeito was made of Sokagakkai.  The ruling party, Democratic Party allies with Komeito because they want the majority or more votes.  Sokagakkai people could be nice but we don’t like being asked for votes for Komeito every time the election ocuured .
    Sokaggaki is like the worst pyramid-scheme or. It has a glue that can never be torn up or broken.   It became so powerful , so the only thing we can do is stay away from them. 
    They Re like the pod people in invasion of the body snatchers.   They can hang around only among sgi members. 

    Comment by Del cambell | May 14, 2022 | Reply

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