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Canada’s Green Party speaks out persuasively against small nuclear reactors

Sask. government criticized over exploration of SMR technology, David Prisciak, CTV News Regina Digital Content Producer,  May 10, 2022 Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Naomi Hunter accused the government of “kicking the climate crisis down the road,” by exploring small modular reactor (SMR) technology in a press conference Monday.

Hunter was present for a Monday morning event in front of the legislature, where she called on the provincial government to scrap its bid to explore SMR technology.

“We do not have the time for fairy tales that take us far into the future,” she said. “We don’t have 10 years to come up with a solution. (Premier) Scott Moe and the Sask. Party, they’re just kicking the climate crisis down the road like they always do.”

Hunter argued that the government’s move towards nuclear energy is not aiding the fight against climate change.

They claim that this is because they suddenly care about the climate crisis and are looking for solutions,” she said. “If that was the case, we would be installing immediate solutions of green energy: solar, wind, geothermal.”

“This province has the best solar gain in all of Canada and we have some of the best opportunities for wind energy.”…………………

Amita Kuttner, the interim leader of the Green Party of Canada, also attended the event in front of the legislature, and criticized the proposed move to SMR technology as the wrong approach.

What you are trading it for is again corporate power,” they explained. “Which is not solving the underlying causes of the climate emergency.”

Saskatchewan is currently in a partnership with British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario to collaborate on the advancement of SMR technology. ……..


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  1. Be aware that some highly publicized energy infrastructure projects such as bladed wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, hydrogen, electric vehicle charging stations, geologic storage of nuclear waste, small nuclear reactors, fossil fuels, and 5G are obsolete.

    Billions are being spent subsidizing nuclear power, wind turbines, and photovoltaic panels. May I suggest spending 1% on developing and deploying some of the 50 or so clean new generators profiled below?

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    The new self-charged electric school bus exhibit file has been uploaded into the Transportation Inventions category of

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    Self-Charged Electric School Bus with Continuous Climate Control Even While Parked. Compressed air-driven vortex tubes are switched between 90% cold air and 10% hot air, or 90% hot air and 10% cold air. Power for the air compressor and electric drive motors provided by one of nine electricity generators. This exhibit was displayed in the September 25, 2021 electric vehicle festival in the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

    These nine generators were cherry picked from the Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions.

    To my knowledge all of these self-charged electric school bus inventions are fully validated. To build a prototype would simply need straightforward sweat engineering, sufficient financing to bring these buses to market, and an organized entity with a will to accomplish this task. The Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions includes 13 more generators that appear to be

    Electric vehicles that haul around a half-ton or so batteries and need to stop for recharging are truly old-fashioned. I am fully confident that once EV owners are freed from the hassle and expense of stopping to recharge, there would be no difficulty selling self-charged EVs.

    The bottom of links to my ‘grand’ inventions development business plan headquartered in Nevada. Development of most, if not all, of these futuristic inventions could soak up a billion dollars. But we would end up with a much better world that people would not recognize.

    Comment by Gary Vesperman | May 10, 2022 | Reply

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