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Russian State TV Threatens to Annihilate the U.K. With 1,600-Foot-Tall Nuclear Tsunamis

The segment focused on the use of new Sarmat missiles and Poseidon torpedoes to turn the U.K. into a “radioactive desert. BY KYLE MIZOKAMI. MAY 5, 2022  

  • On Sunday, a Russian state TV channel threatened to destroy the United Kingdom with nuclear superweapons.
  • The segment focused on the use of new Sarmat missiles and Poseidon torpedoes to turn the U.K. into a “radioactive desert.”
  • It contained numerous factual errors, and the alleged U.K. threat was actually invented by other Russian state media sources.

A Russian state television agency has openly threatened to wipe the United Kingdom off the map with nuclear weapons, likely in response to a manufactured threat made up by another arm of the Kremlin’s media empire. The news segment depicted the use of a single Sarmat superheavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) or Poseidon nuclear torpedo to destroy the U.K. The entire segment was apparently based on a threat that the U.K. never actually made.

Russian Channel One’s popular anchor Dmitry Kiselyov manufactured the threat on his popular Sunday evening television news program. Kiselyov, known as “Russia’s Spin Doctor,” is a popular news personality who in 2014 boasted his country could turn the U.S. into “nuclear ash.” In 2019, Kiselyov listed a number of targets in the continental United States that would be hit in the event of a nuclear war.    

This week, Kiselyov turned his attention to the United Kingdom. Kiselyov stated that President Vladimir Putin has put Russian nuclear forces on “high combat alert,” and then turned his attention to allegations that U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson could conduct “retaliatory strikes,” presumably on Russia. Kiselyov then stated that the U.K. could be destroyed with a Sarmat ICBM or Poseidon torpedo.


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