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Global mindless groupthink as UK and others swallow the illogical case for nuclear projects, whose sole real purpose is to sustain nuclear submarines, nuclear weapons.

After years’ long research, Phil Johnstone and Andy Stirling have produced a report – it’s a seminal study of how tax-payers’ money goes secretly from ”beneficial” megaprojects to the nuclear weapons industry. In the UK, this means specifically- to nuclear submarines.

The money to the nuclear submarines cannot be measured, cannot be counted – it is so hidden in the world of energy projects, civil nuclear energy. But this explains why the governments persist doggedly with nuclear power projects that are clearly uneconomic, (and no use in combatting climate change – too late, even if they did work)

The sad and shocking thing about this – is the sort of groupthink that has pretty well everyone on the bandwagon – politicians, media, academia, business, education – and not just those who have been bribed by the nuclear industry. It’s a sort of groupthink treadmill, and they can’t seem to get off it, lest they look unpatriotic, or worse, – silly.


May 5, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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    Radioactive wildfires, continue to burn in North new mexico. Radionuclide, drought, and climate change induced. No one wants to talk about the radioactive waste, from Los Alamos or, the old barrels of pyrophoric plutonium stored around los alamos. Residents and outsiders know that there is radioactive wastw, as far as Las Vegas nm. It’s a crime. I’m glad, I’m not breathing the smoke from thos2 fires. . 70 years of radioactive waste have been generated, around los alamos from nuclear bomb making. Some of it went to wipp and caused a big fire there. Can you imagine anyone stupid enough, to allow flammable kitty litter and nitrate in the same old barrels with plutonium. It’s so stupid and pinheadded, that it boggles the mind. Soon half of northern new Mexico will have cancer. There is already plutonium and americium, in the Santa fe and Los Alamos water tables.

    Comment by Cricket green | May 6, 2022 | Reply

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