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Today. The United Kingdom has a problem – a dangerous, nuclear propagandist clown for a Prime Minister

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK will build one new nuclear plant a year, MON, MAY 2 202

”Instead of a new one every decade, we’re going to build one every year, powering homes with clean, safe and reliable energy,” the British prime minister said of nuclear power stations.”

It’s not the first time the prime minister has touted the advantages of nuclear power. In April, he said “nuclear is a reliable, safe and constant source of clean energy.”
(April tweet) Nuclear is a reliable, safe and constant source of clean energy. It’s absolutely crucial to weaning us off fossil fuels, including Russian oil and gas………


May 3, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes


  1. This last series of article is great. I don’t know how ya do it but it’s great. Thanks

    Comment by Terry sounthard | May 3, 2022 | Reply

  2. There are strong indices, for nuclear accidents brewing in the ukraine, France and England.
    The Tories have recently been insured staying in power, in the UK. This occurred, when the house of lords passed tighter voter restriction laws against democracy in england, in their last session.
    You tell us, that the monarchy and the house of lords, have no power in England. You are wrong. If Boris Johnson does start building a nuclear reactor a year. If he keeps old reactors going. If Johnson does and not find a place for nuke waste and nuke subs soon, there will be a major nuke accident, in the UK, sooner than later.
    There will be no solar panels on Mars because, cosmic radiation is prohibitive to space travel. The idea of putting up rockets to colonize Mars is gibberiish that is easily shot down. Putting up more rockets for space travel, is poisoning the earth. Space debri his ruining the orbits around the earth. Why can’t humans care about their own planet? Anything with a nuclear motor, will kill space travellers.
    The Elon musk mars rocket, is a tin can farce in texas that can’t even fly. That’s a true story. More hairbrained nonsense, from crypto fascist cecalli helper . What strange bedfellows some supposed antinukers are.

    Comment by Cricket green | May 4, 2022 | Reply

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